Saturday, April 30, 2016

Core Media Group files for bankruptcy

The company Core Media Group, the parent of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. I think what led to that is what happened four years ago, when Phillip Phillips robbed Jessica Sanchez of the title American Idol.  Core Media Group was part of a joint venture that also combined Endemol and Shine to create Endemol Shine Group. However, Core Media Group continued to operate as an independent group and never integrated. It is also the parent company of 19 Entertainment and Sharp Entertainment. The bankruptcy petition is said to indicate a total ranging from $100 million to $500 million.

American Idol has come to an end

American Idol, the singing competition show that brought us Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, Chris Daughtry, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Casey James, Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips, and Jessica Sanchez, has come to an end with a spectacular all-star finale on April 7, 2016.

Here is how it came down:

10th Place: Gianna Isabella
9th Place: Olivia Rox
8th Place: Lee Jean
7th Place: Avalon Young
6th Place: Tristan McIntosh
5th Place: Sonika Vaid
4th Place: MacKenzie Bourg
3rd Place: Dalton Rapattoni
Runner-up: La'Porsha Renae
Winner: Trent Harmon

Trent Harmon has been signed to Big Machine Records, while La'Porsha Renae has been signed to Motown Records.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

American Idol coming to an end next week; my top 4 prediction

American Idol is coming to an end next week. Nigel Lythgoe says that the finale is going to be "spectacular." Last week, Sonika Vaid got eliminated.

The outcome so far is:

Fifth Place: Sonika Vaid
Sixth Place: Tristan McIntosh
Seventh Place: Avalon Young
Eighth Place: Lee Jean
Ninth Place: Olivia Rox
Tenth Place: Gianna Isabella

My prediction is:

Winner: La'Porsha Renae
Runner-up: Trent Harmon
Third Place: Dalton Rapattoni
Fourth Place: Mackenzie Bourg

Sunday, February 28, 2016

American Idol XV Top 10 Revealed

Last week, the top 10 of American Idol: The Farewell Season has been revealed. Four of them were chosen by the judges. Six of them were chosen by the American public.

The four who were chosen by the judges are:

Trent Harmon
Dalton Rapattoni
La'Porsha Renae
Olivia Rox

The six who were chosen by the public are:

MacKenzie Bourg
Gianna Isabella
Lee Jean
Tristan McIntosh
Sonika Vaid
Avalon Young

Kelly Clarkson served as a special guest judge then performed near the end of the show. The performance order on the night of February 25, 2016 is:

1. Olivia Rox
2. Gianna Isabella
3. Lee Jean
4. Avalon Young
5. Dalton Rapattoni
6. Tristan McIntosh
7. MacKenzie Bourg
8. La'Porsha Renae
9. Sonika Vaid
10. Trent Harmon

Saturday, January 30, 2016

American Idol XV Schedule

The American Idol: Farewell Season schedule, as of January 30, 2016, is as follows:

1/6 Auditions #1 - Atlanta, Denver, & San Francisco
1/7 Auditions #2 - San Francisco & Little Rock

1/13 Auditions #3 - Philadelphia
1/14 Auditions #4 - Denver & Little Rock

1/20 Auditions #5 - Philadelphia & San Francisco
1/21 Auditions #6 - Atlanta, Philadelphia, & San Francisco

1/27 Hollywood Week #1
1/28 Hollywood Week #2

2/3 Hollywood Week #3
2/4 The Showcase / The Green Mile

2/10 Top 24 Group 1 Solo Performances
2/11 Top 24 Group 1 Alum Duets & Eliminations

2/17 Top 24 Group 2 Solo Performances
2/18 Top 24 Group 2 Alum Duets & Eliminations

2/24 Top 14 Eliminations & Wild Card Performances
2/25 Wild Card Results & Top 10 Performances

3/3 Finals (Live)

3/10 Finals (Live)

3/17 Finals (Live)

3/24 Finals (Live)

3/31 Finals (Live)

4/5 Retrospective Special
4/6 Finale #1 - Performances (Live)
4/7 Finale #2 - Results (Live)

American Idol XV details

The farewell season of American Idol began on January 6, 2016. The auditions have come to an end, and the competition begins.

American XV Top 24

1. Adam Lasher [AI14 HW]
2. C.J. Johnson

3. Dalton Rapattoni
4. James Dawson VIII
5. Jordan Sasser
6. Kory Wheeler [AI14 HW] 

7. Lee Jean 
8. Manny Torres 
9. MacKenzie Bourg

10. Thomas Stringfellow
11. Trent Harmon

1. Amelia Eisenhauer
2. Avalon Young
3. Emily Brooke [AI14 Top 48]
4. Gianna Isabella
5. Jeneve Mitchell
6. Jenn Blosil
7. Jenna Renae

8. LaPorsha Renae (got standing ovation in Hollywood Round)

9. Olivia Rox
10. Shelbie Zora
11. Sonika Vaid

12. Stephany Negrete [AI11 HW]

13. Tristan McIntosh

In the top 24 round, starting February 10, the judges will call the shots. There will be two groups of 12, one for each of the two weeks. The judges will cut five and advance seven of each group. America's vote begins with the Wild Card performances on February 24.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End Title IX Tyranny

I am so fed up with Title IX tyranny in the American higher education industry. Freedom of expression and academic freedom are an endangered species in the higher education industry. Speech codes, trigger warnings, the heckler’s veto, false or malicious allegations of vague offenses, and politically correct inquisitions have become commonplace. While there are many grounds for this, the prime suspect is the dark side of Title IX, a federal statue enacted in 1972. Title IX does more harm than good.