Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Super Smash Bros. 4 Rankings: #49 Duck Hunt

My ranking on the Super Smash Bros. 4 roster has begun. My least favorite character is Duck Hunt, who debuted on the 1985 NES game with the same name.

Throughout Duck Hunt, the object of the game is to shoot all ducks with a limited amount of bullets and time.  By plugging in a controller in the player 2 slot on the NES, a duck can be controlled by a second human player to a limited extent. The opening cinematic of the 1984 NES game shows that the scent hound is the one who finds the ducks in the first place. If the player (or hunter) fails to shoot all the ducks, the scent hound would infamously laugh at the hunter's misfortune before slinking back down behind the grass.

Duck Hunt is an unlockable character in both versions of Super Smash Bros. 4. It consists of a dog with a duck on its back fighting side by side, with gunmen from Wild Gunmen and cans from Hogan's Alley in tow.

Duck Hunt is the only newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4 that did not appear as a major character in any games featured in Nintendo's seventh and eighth generation consoles except the Super Smash Bros. series.

The scent hound from Duck Hunt, Palutena from Kid Icarus, and Wii Fit Trainer are the only playable characters in Super Smash Bros. 4 that did not have a playable appearance in any other game.

My two cents on Super Smash Bros. 4

I have been playing Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS and Wii extensively. Super Smash Bros. Brawl was a disappointment. Fire Emblem Awakening was my saving grace.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS was released in North America on October 3, 2014. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was released in North America on November 21, 2014. I prefer the Wii game over the 3DS game. The 3DS game was just a preview of what is to come on the Wii game. The Wii U game is more difficult than the 3DS game.

Classic mode differs between the 3DS game and the Wii game. Classic mode in the 3DS game is like a flowchart. Classic mode in the Wii game is like a Chess board. Introduced in these games is Master Core, whose forms are, in order, Master Giant, Master Beast, Master Edges, and Master Shadow. In the 3DS game, Classic mode can be played with only one player. In the Wii U game, it can be played with either one or two players, except that the Wii U exclusive form Master Fortress is available only in one-player Classic mode. In All-Star mode, the 3DS game has you fight the characters in chronological order, but for the Wii U game, it is backwards. All-Star mode can be played with either one or two players. These modes must be played with only one player in order for them to count for Challenges.

The 3DS game has about 140 music tracks. The Wii U game has about 400 music tracks, including most of the tracks from the 3DS game. Tracks with the red "Remix" icon are song arrangements made specifically for these Super Smash Bros. games. Tracks with the black "Remix" icon are song arrangements borrowed from previous Super Smash Bros. games. Tracks with the "Original" icon are either original compositions or songs borrowed directly from their original games.

Here is the fighter roster (Bold denotes unlockable characters. Bold Italic denotes characters that must be unlocked in the 3DS game but are available from the get-go in the Wii U game):

The Original 12 (chronologically):

These are the fighters whose first Super Smash Bros. appearance was in the original Super Smash Bros. game and have been playable in the series since.

Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon

Note: Unlike the previous Super Smash Bros. games, the whole original 12 is available from the get-go in the Wii U game. In the 3DS game, only Ness and Jigglypuff have to be unlocked.

Melee Veterans (chronologically):

These fighters were introduced to the roster in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Mr. Game & Watch
Dr. Mario (absent from Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Mewtwo (downloadable)

Note: Ice Climbers was intended to be in Super Smash Bros. 4, but was cut due to the limitations of the Nintendo 3DS. Ice Climbers could run smoothly on the Nintendo Wii U, but the Nintendo 3DS could not have the two-in-one coding of the duo, and in order to keep the roster uniform between two versions, they had to be cut from Super Smash Bros. 4.

Brawl Veterans (chronologically):

King Dedede
Meta Knight
Diddy Kong
Zero Suit Samus

Newcomers (chronologically):

These are fighters who have newly joined the Super Smash Bros. roster.

Little Mac
Duck Hunt
Mega Man
Bowser, Jr.
Rosalina & Luma
Wii Fit Trainer
Dark Pit

American Idol XIII Results

American Idol season XIII came down to Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene. Malaya Watson was eliminated too early, at 8th place. The Judges' Save should have been used on her instead of Sam Woolf.

Here is how American Idol XIII came down:

Winner: Caleb Johnson
Runner-Up: Jena Irene
3rd Place: Alex Preston (the troubadour)
4th Place: Jessica Meuse (the Slapout, Alabama rebel)
5th Place: Sam Woolf (the heartthrob)
6th Place: CJ Harris (a Darius Rucker wannabe)
7th Place: Dexter Roberts
8th Place: Malaya Watson (the teen diva)
9th Place: Majesty Rose (the preschool teacher)
10th Place: MK Nobilette (Lesbian soul singer)
11th Place: Ben Briley
12th Place: Emily Piriz
13th Place: Kristen O'Connor

American Idol XIV begins January 7, 2015. Those who made the live shows in American Idol XII or XIII are eligible to re-audition.

Monday, March 31, 2014

By the end of March, it's down to 8 on American Idol XIII

The American Idol XIII finals began on the last week of February. By the end of March, it came down to 8 contestants, with the judges' save still in play.

The finalists who will not appear on the American Idols LIVE! Tour 2014 are:

13th Place: Kristen O'Connor
12th Place: Emily Piriz
11th Place: Ben Briley

The finalists who have been eliminated but will appear on the American Idols LIVE! Tour 2014 are 10th-placer MK Nobilette, who is openly Lesbian, and preschool teacher Majesty Rose.

Jennifer Lopez guest performed during the American Idol XIII top 10 results show. For the performance, brought in American Idol season 8's Allison Iraheta, season 10's Pia Toscano, and season 11's Jessica Sanchez. The performance also featured rapper French Montana.

This week the top 8 will be performing the songs they auditioned with.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

American Idol season 13 top 13 revealed

Last week, the top 13 of American Idol season 13 was revealed. On the male side: Ben Briley, C.J. Harris (wildcard), Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, Dexter Roberts, and Sam Woolfe. On the female side: Jenna Asciutto, Jess Meuse, Majesty Rose, MK Nobilette (who is openly lesbian), Kristin O'Connor, Emily Piriz, and Malaya Watson. Who I think will be the first of the top 13 to be eliminated is Dexter Roberts. I hope the winner is one of the 7 girls, and not one of the 6 guys. The only guy worth winning is Caleb Johnson. Sam Woolfe is just another Kris Allen type White guy with a guitar. Alex Preston is just another Lee DeWyze type White guy with a guitar. Neither of them will be a long-term success story if either of them win. I have no clear favorite this year, but that would be one of the 7 girls. I think the girls are stronger than the guys.

The voting system has changed, and the contestants will have the same voting number all-season long. This season, the viewers can vote 50 times per method per contestant. If this voting methodology was in placed in season 11, Jessica Sanchez would have won, and maybe Joshua Ledet would have been the runner-up.

On a side note, The X Factor USA season 3 was won by Alex & Sierra. The real winner is Ellona Santiago. However, the show has been recently cancelled, citing that Fox cannot have The X Factor USA without Simon Cowell. I blame The Voice for the cancellation. This makes American Idol more relevant.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The X Factor Season 3 Live Shows Begin

The X Factor USA live shows begin tomorrow at 8 P.M. New York time. The X Factor USA will also air on the night after tomorrow unless there is a World Series baseball game on that night.

The producers' auditions began on March 6, 2013, in Los Angeles, California, and ended on May 4, 2013, in Denver, Colorado. The judges' auditions, which are televised, began on May 21, 2013, in Charleston, South Carolina, and ended on July 12, 2013, in Los Angeles, California. This season, the bootcamp and judges' homes rounds were kaput, being replaced with the four-chair round, reminiscent of the live shows.

The competition is divided into four categories: the Boys (mentored by Paulina Rubio), the Girls (mentored by Demi Lovato), the Over 25s (mentored by Kelly Rowland), and the Groups (mentored by Simon Cowell).

Boys (Paulina Rubio): Carlos Guevava, Josh Levi, Carlito Olivero, and Tim Olstad
Girls (Demi Lovato): Khaya Cohen, Danie Geimer, Rion Paige, and Ellona Santiago
Over 25s (Kelly Rowland): Jeff Gutt, James Kenney, Lillie McCloud, and Rachel Potter
Groups: Alex & Sierra, Restless Road, RoXxy Montana, and Sweet Suspense

Tomorrow night, the top 16 will be narrowed down to either a top 12 (or top 13 if there is going to be a wildcard).

My predictions on who will eliminated in the top 16 round are:

Boys: Carlos Guevava
Girls: Khaya Cohen
Over 25s: James Kenney
Groups: Alex & Sierra

My rankings of the top 16 are:

Ellona Santiago
RoXxy Montana
Josh Levi
Sweet Suspense
Carlito Olivero
Lillie McCloud
Carlos Guevava
Alex & Sierra
Rachel Potter
Tim Olstad
Restless Road
Danie Geimer
Khaya Cohen
Rion Paige
James Kenney
Jeff Gutt

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am glad Candice Glover won; My Male American Idol Finalist Rankings 2013 video published

This post is way overdue. I am so glad that Candice Glover, my second favorite contestant of American Idol season 12 and my third favorite in American Idol history, has won the competition. She defeated Kree Harrison, who stole a place in the finale from my season 12 favorite Amber Holcomb, who is my second favorite contestant ever. She hails from my home state South Carolina. She has ended the male winning streak with the help of Lazaro Arbos. She deserves to win, but I would have preferred that Amber Holcomb would win. Candice may be the official winner, but I find that Amber is the real winner of season 12. Kree's victory over Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller was attributed to support from Vote for the Worst and sympathy votes due to the death of her parents and having a difficult life.

The American Idol winner analysis is:

Season 1's Show Winner: Kelly Clarkson
Season 1's Real Winner: Kelly Clarkson
My Season 1 Favorite: Tamyra Gray

Season 2's Show Winner: Ruben Studdard
Season 2's Real Winner: Clay Aiken
My Season 2 Favorite: Ruben Studdard

Season 3's Show Winner: Fantasia Barrino
Season 3's Real Winner: Jennifer Hudson
My Season 3 Favorite: Jennifer Hudson

Season 4's Show Winner: Carrie Underwood
Season 4's Real Winner: Carrie Underwood
My Season 4 Favorite: Vonzell Solomon

Season 5's Show Winner: Taylor Hicks
Season 5's Real Winner: Katharine McPhee
My Season 5 Favorite: Elliott Yamin

Season 6's Show Winner: Jordin Sparks
Season 6's Real Winner: Jordin Sparks
My Season 6 Favorite: Jordin Sparks

Season 7's Show Winner: David Cook
Season 7's Real Winner: David Cook
My Season 7 Favorite: Chikezie Eze

Season 8's Show Winner: Kris Allen
Season 8's Real Winner: Adam Lambert
My Season 8 Favorite: Jasmine Murray

Season 9's Show Winner: Lee DeWyze
Season 9's Real Winner: Casey James
My Season 9 Favorite: Michael Lynche

Season 10's Show Winner: Scotty McCreery
Season 10's Real Winner: Scotty McCreery
My Season 10 Favorite: Jacob Lusk

Season 11's Show Winner: Phillip Phillips
Season 11's Real Winner: Jessica Sanchez
My Season 11 Favorite: Jessica Sanchez

Season 12's Show Winner: Candice Glover
Season 12's Real Winner: Amber Holcomb
My Season 12 Favorite: Amber Holcomb

My analysis on the competitions:

Season 1
Tamyra Gray should have made the top 3 instead of Nikki McKibbin.

Season 2
Equoia Coleman should have made the top 12 instead of Vanessa Olivarez.
Rickey Smith should have made the top 7 instead of Kimberly Caldwell.
Trenyce should have made the top 4 instead of Josh Gracin.

Season 3
Lisa Leuschner should have made the top 12 instead of Amy Adams.
Jennifer Hudson should have made the top 2 instead of Diana DeGarmo.
LaToya London should have made the top 3 instead of Jasmine Trias.

Season 4
Nikko Smith should have made the top 8 instead of Scott Savol.
Vonzell Solomon should have made the top 2 instead of Bo Bice.

Season 5
Ayla Brown should have made the top 12 instead of Melissa McGhee.
Chris Daughtry should have made the top 2 instead of Taylor Hicks.

Season 6
LaKisha Jones should have made the top 3 instead of Blake Lewis.
Melinda Doolittle should have made the top 2 instead of Blake Lewis.

Season 7
Alexandréa Lushington should have made the top 12 instead of Kristy Lee Cook.
Alaina Whittaker should have made the top 12 instead of Amanda Overmyer.
Chikezie Eze should have made the top 4 instead of Jason Castro.
David Archuleta should have won instead of David Cook.

Season 8
Ariana Afshar should have made the top 13 instead of Michael Sarver.
Jasmine Murray should have made the top 10 instead of Michael Sarver.
Allison Iraheta should have made the top 2 instead of Kris Allen.
Adam Lambert should have won instead of Kris Allen.

Season 9
Michelle Delamor should have made the top 12 instead of Didi Benami.
Todrick Hall should have made the top 12 instead of Tim Urban.
Lilly Scott should have made the top 12 instead of Lacey Brown.
Crystal Bowersox should have won instead of Lee DeWyze.

Season 10
Ta-Tynisa Wilson should have made the top 12 instead of Ashthon Jones.
Pia Toscano should have been saved by the judges instead of Casey Abrams.
James Durbin should have made the top 3 instead of Haley Reinhart.

Season 11
Baylee Brown should have made the top 13 instead of Erika Van Pelt.
Aaron Marcellus should have made the top 13 instead of Jermaine Jones.
Elise Testone should have made the top 5 instead of Phillip Phillips.
Skylar Laine should have made the top 4 instead of Phillip Phillips.
Joshua Ledet should have made the top 2 instead of Phillip Phillips.
Jessica Sanchez should have won instead of Phillip Phillips.

Season 12
Burnell Taylor should have made the top 6 instead of Lazaro Arbos.
Amber Holcomb should have made the top 2 instead of Kree Harrison.

My Male American Idol Finalist Rankings Video

I am working on my American Idol finalist countdown videos, one for each gender. American Idol has produced 71 male finalists and 72 female finalists.
The YouTube video on my male American Idol finalist countdown has already been published, and can be viewed here: