Comment policy

Comments are moderated in this blog.  Therefore, your comment must get my approval before it can be posted.  Comments do not necessarily express the views of Tedius Zanarukando or anyone else who owns this blog.  We do not condone comments that are insulting to the persons commenting on this blog or myself.  We do not condone comments that are offensive to any demographic group, including comments that are racist or negatively characterize or attack the characteristics of the male or female gender, or comments that advocate policies that favor one gender over the other.  However, we do condone comments that critique social policies that favor the female gender over the male gender or vice versa.  For example, saying that women are inherently deceptive is offensive, but saying that the law sanctions women making false allegations against men is not. 

This blog is about men's rights activism, the economy, video games, and reality television.  This blog is based mainly on the opinion of Tedius Zanarukando and his MRA mentors.