Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy closes down

The Fire Emblem message board, Fire Emblem: Sanctuary of Strategy (FESS) has closed down. I was a member of that board briefly four years ago. I was prematurely banned on feminist grounds and that I was declared a polarizing figure who could not get along with the forum community. That is not what I am. I frequented FESS for news about Fire Emblem as well as Fire Emblem related files. Fire Emblem is my favorite Nintendo game series.

TZ doctrine tenet #10: Feminism is based on lies

Feminism is politically correct but factually incorrect. It is deceptive, destructive, dishonest, divisive, and expensive. The purpose of this blog is to abolish totalitarian ideologies, such as feminism. More often than not, society has patronizingly protected women rather than men. Countless scientific researches indicate that feminism is based on lies, false allegations, and fraudulent statistics. Feminism is a political hate movement that has damaged societies, not an equality movement. The true agenda of feminism is to achieve female superiority under the guise of gender equality, to break up heterosexual relationships, to transform America into a feminist police state, and conspire to destroy mankind. It puts ideology before reality. It is based on the lie that females are powerless victims of patriarchal oppression and that marriage is slavery for women. It is a false, destructive, and divisive ideology. The most pathetic of all tenets of feminist ideology is accusation that antifeminists are misogynists. Feminists hate people like me and presume that we hate all women back. Claiming that anyone who criticizes feminism is a misogynist is like claiming that anyone who criticizes Maoism hates Chinese people. It was relevant in the 20th century, but it is no longer relevant today in the 21st century.

Feminism is a hate movement disguised as an equality movement, hence a Trojan-horse movement. A hate movement is defined as a movement that advocates lesser rights in law for a target demographic group and advocates and/or propagates discrimination against that group. A hate group teaches that the targeted group is a threat and that the group is inherently inferior and immoral. A hate group uses lies including historical revisionism and statistical fraud to disseminate those views and condones and endorses violence against members of the targeted group. The male sex is the targeted group of the feminist movement. If a movement is pursuing objectives that must be disguised, then that movement uses devices by which meaningful debate cannot be ignored or deflected. A Trojan-horse movement is defined as a movement with a negative agenda under the guise of positive values.

Here are the ten lies of feminism:
  1. Women have their rights.
  2. Women can have it all.
  3. Women should not have to with unfulfilled longings.
  4. A career outside the home is more valuable and fulfilling than being a wife and mother.
  5. It is all about women.
  6. If the husband is passive then the wife needs to lead.
  7. If a wife submits, she will be miserable.
  8. Women have to have _____ to make them happy.
  9. Children are a hindrance and burden.
  10. Women are smarter than men.
Those lies are the most common in 21st century culture than most American and British women are frequently bombarded with. These lies are one of the most dangerous lies ever and they debilitate the family unit in one way or another.

Feminism has three basic strategies:
  1. Where there is a difference in a society between male and female roles, feminists ignore the real causes and disguise the difference always as evidence of patriarchal oppression and discrimination against women and demand compensatory programs.
  2. Where there is no difference between male and female roles, or such differences as do exist in favor of the female sex, feminists create false or distorted studies and statistics to argue that the female sex is the disadvantaged sex. They claim that difference as evidence of male oppression and demand compensatory programs (such as female health and domestic violence against women). If necessary, feminists introduce "violence against women and children" as an emotional trump card to silence the debate of real issues, like false allegations of domestic violence and male academic disadvantage.
  3. Feminists are quick to silence anyone who opposes or criticizes feminist claims or isolate them through shame, by accusing them of "backlash", which is of being opposed to the equality of women, in order to maintain their own egotistic, oppressive conduct. On some message boards, such as, users who oppose or criticize feminist claims get banhammered.
These strategies show that feminism puts ideology ahead of truth. Feminism is a false, costly, disastrous, and totalitarian ideology. It is bad for society, and it is an unsustainable and dangerous ideology. It contradicts with reality through dishonest rationalizations. It conspires against mankind, increases divorce rates, and burdens the government. It has played a significant role in causing serious violence and hooliganism, assault, domestic violence, sexual offenses, robbery, child abuse, drug abuse, teenage romance, poverty, poor academic standards, poor male academic achievement, prostitution, school massacres, gang life, pedophilia, harassment, bad manners, traffic congestion, road rage, pollution, terrorism, vandalism, burglary, murder, juvenile delinquency, alcoholism and other addictions, depression, gender division, hysteria, stress, serious diseases and disorders, long hospital waiting lists and overcrowded hospitals, AIDS, miscarriage of justice and false criminal accusations, needless malum prohibitum laws, overflowing prison population, family division, alienation of men, corruption of the justice system and democratic process, corrosion of academic integrity, degradation of social sciences and the law, false legislation, poor public services, impoverishment of pensioners and pension crisis, excessive immigration, censorship, high tax rates, thousands of women discovering that they are beyond childbearing age, and global warming.

For taxes, as much as US$97 billion a year which would have been in Personal Savings is paid by men directly to the IRS who sends it directly to women to subsidize single motherhood. About US$500 billion has been transferred from working men to finance mother-only households. The "graduated income tax" places men in high tax brackets and women in low tax brackets. Working wives reduce the taxes paid by families by US$35.8 billion. It takes 14 male employees to compensate for negative productivity of a female employee.

Our government is embracing feminism and subsidizing mother-only households through taxes withheld from working men. 75% of men in prison were raised in mother-only households. The most infamous murderers were also raised in mother-only households. Mother-only households are more dangerous than guns. Making just one more mother-only household costs society over a million US dollars. In the end, feminism is more dangerous than guns. It is worse and more expensive than warfare. The cost of feminism outweighs the economic benefits of female employment.

Feminism is a complete lie, and we do not want anymore of it. We do not want another decade of the same failed culture, medical system, education system, or justice system that is prejudiced against men. Feminism is more heinous than terrorism. Feminists are intent on hating and shortchanging men and distort the truth to condition them to feel bad about being men. We must realize the deleterious effects on feminism. The so-called "politcally correct" hypocrites are either too ignorant to realize the casual relationship between feminism and several evils or are too deceptive and manipulate to discuss it. I am concerned about the ecosystem, and that makes me detest the feminists and their unreasonable and deceptive supporters. Today's feminists (like those I met at, who I call radical feminists, do nothing but deceive (just like Senator John McCain did in his attack ads against President-elect Barack Obama). We must realize that feminism does far more harm than intended good.

150 years ago, the feminist movement was conceived by the destructive notion that American women's individual problems were part of systematic social problems. Radical feminists have believed that women were on an ongoing and total struggle with men, and that social change would only occur if the American fabric is completely flipped. Feminists claim portray women as equal to men, but by their actions, they portray women as superior to men and as helpless victims of male-perpetrated oppression and demanding new legislation to advance their agenda.

Female empowerment is a cruel and divisive hoax. It leads to breakdown of heterosexual relationship and family. It is the healthy and natural instinct for the vast majority of young women to get married and bear children in order to perpetuate society. Encouraging young women to pursue high-powered careers before establishing families does them and society an intentional injustice. A relationship between an ordinary woman and a powerful man is a match made in heaven. A relationship between an ordinary man and a powerful woman is a match made in hell. When women challenge and overthrow male leadership, relationships break up, divorce rates escalate, and the age marriageability increases, and there will be more illegitimate children. The purpose of female empowerment is to dissolve the nuclear family and to increase dependency on the government and the media, which are under Illuminati control.

American and British women, who comprise of a tiny percentage of the Earth's population, have been indoctrinated with the view that feminism has brought great benefits to society, but in reality, feminism has brought no benefits to society at all. Feminism is a false ideology that instigates self-extinction of the human race. It is a recipe for cultural and societal suicide. It has no hope of success or survival. Finally, it is going to cause huge problems to American and British societies as they slowly continue to rot and decline under its divisive, malignant, and destructive influences. Feminism has hampered the progress of both genders in a large number of central aspects of their lives, such as health, education, and criminal justice. It is the things that men are responsible for such as science, technology, and medicine, that have brought American and British women the liberties that they currently enjoy, not feminism.
"Destroy the family, you destroy the country." — V.I. Lenin
Feminism is the one of the most subtly socially destructive movements in world history. It is hugely destructive and divisive to societies that follow it. It is a hate movement against men, wives, mothers with sons, and against the idea of giving and receiving. Most people in the West defend feminism only because they are brainwashed and do not know any better. I am against feminism, because I have researched it and found its claims have been exposed as a lie. These evil, angry, intolerant, hypersensitive, pro-censorship socialist feminists have hijacked the education system, the news and entertainment media, and the Internet. They have been exerting undue evil influence in legislation and law enforcement, and they are slowly and subtly transforming America and Great Britain into feminist police states. They are seeking to dictate expression, violate the First Amendment, invade schools and businesses, and censor those who oppose their ideology. I had enough of the words "sexist" and "misogynist" being thrown at me or my antifeminist allies. The word "sexist" is basically a swear word; that word and the word "misogynist" are just political slurs that feminists learned to use when they encounter content they or their mentors believe to be "politically incorrect" according to their false, intolerant standards. Until people reject feminism, it will continue to divide families, degrade and depopulate nations, and destroy the bond between the male sex and the female sex. Finally, societies that have given into its teachings will last only a short time only to be overthrown by those wherein women prefer to be homebound and have children.

Feminism sidetracks from living a life for Jesus Christ and doing all we can for His glory and instead creates false gods that our society worships in secret, thus a violation of the First Commandment. Feminist propaganda is disseminated everywhere in schools, colleges, books, television, magazines, motion pictures, music, peers, billboards, role models, and the Internet. Feminism has taken away from Christianity and America. Women must stop listen to or believing the fatal lies of feminism and other false political correctness and turn to the this doctrine in the this blog. I do not hate women; I just want to redeem the female sex.

Here are the ten lies of feminism according to Sue Bohlin:

Lie #1: Women Can Have It All
Lie #2: Men and Women Are Fundamentally the Same
Lie #3: Desirability Is Enhanced By Achievement
Lie #4: The Myth of One's "Unrealized Potential"
Lie #5: Sexual Sameness
Lie #6: The Denial of Maternity
Lie #7: To Be Feminine Is to Be Weak
Lie #8: Doing Is Better Than Being
Lie #9: The Myth of Self Sufficiency
Lie #10: Women Would Enjoy the Feminization of Men

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Historic American Night

The historic 2008 Presidential election is officially over. With the popular vote of 63,347,102, and the electoral vote of 364, ABC network has projected that Barack Hussein Obama II will be the 44th President of the United States. Obama has been dubbed the first African American President of the United States. I myself am an Obama supporter. Through the campaign, I watched the Obama Website and received E-mails from Obama, his wife Michelle, his Vice-President running mate Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr., and the Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. I also watched the Obama campaign Website. The Obama campaign was funded by none other than the American people. Meanwhile, Biden has been declared the first Roman Catholic Vice President of the United States in U.S. history. His Senatorial predecessor was J. Caleb Boggs.

Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961. He married Michelle LaVaughn Robinson in 1992. Maila Ann and Sasha Obama will be declared the new First Daughters. Obama attended Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School. He is affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

With a popular vote of 56,009,353 and an electoral vote of 174, John Sidney McCain III has already conceded the election. He led a low-road campaign run and funded by corporate lobbyists. Sarah Palin's lack of experience has cost her the bid to be the first female Vice President of the United States. I have just heard McCain's concession speech as well as Obama's inaugural speech. Biden is McCain's old friend. McCain's attack ads against Obama were all proven false. He voted with lame-duck President George W. Bush 90% of the time. Electing McCain would be like electing Bush a third term.

Meanwhile, Democrats gained seats in both the House and the Senate. This has happened locally on WLOS channel 13, an ABC affiliate broadcast to my locality, when Kay Hagan defeated Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole, who lost the Republican Primary in the controversial 2000 Presidential Election. Also, Bev Perdue has been elected the first female Governor of North Carolina in U.S. history. Both Independents in Congress have ties with the Democratic Party.

Both major Presidential candidates were born outside the continental United States. Obama was born in Hawaii and McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

Obama turned blue six states that went red in 2004. He claimed Pennsylvania (which McCain heavily focused on his campaign), Ohio (which got an 80% blue turnout), and Virginia, spelling doom for McCain. Virginia previously went blue in 1964. Recent shifts in Virginia's demographics may have helped him win this election. If Ohio goes blue, the red campaign is doomed. A Democratic victory in Ohio spells and has always spelled doom for the Republican candidate. No Republican won a Presidential election without claiming Ohio.