Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have been blocked from Wikipedia

Sadly, in an unfortunate turn of events, I am no longer allowed to edit in Wikipedia. I have been accused of uncivil userpage content. I was blocked from editing Wikipedia by an administrator by the username of Krimpet, claiming that I was 'seemingly only here to use Wikipedia as a soapbox for pushing my misogynistic views in userspace, despite repeated warnings.' Krimpet equates antifeminism with misogyny. I am not in any way expounding any hateful views. That reason for blocking is nothing more than feminist nonsense, and it is a form of feminist censorship. Krimpet is an evil Wikipedian administrator who equates antifeminism with misogyny. Such belief is reverse sexism. What happened with me at Wikipedia was nothing more than an act of feminist censorship. I will have to settle this manner one way or another. That discussion was only a set up to get me blocked. My political agenda is to correct the errors of dominant culture. That includes abolition of feminism abuse, video game censorship, and prudery. It is meant to make a peaceful society, not destroy society. I am aware that I have had bad luck on the Internet. First I was banned from the TheFinalFantasy.com and then got blocked from Wikipedia. I might as well not edit at Wiktionary either. I will have to rebuild my Internet life piece by piece. If I could get my message board to become lively and popular, I would have it made. I had enough of that feminist extremism. I am tempted to get even with Jc37, Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison. However, I will try to avoid that. Heaven, I need a hug. I am right and Krimpet is wrong. However, blocking me from Wikipedia will do them no good. I will still use this blog to advance my political agenda. My political is not hateful, as many think it is. The fundamental problem of my case on Wikipedia is that antifeminism is erroneously equated with misogyny. Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison are known to do that. Equating antifeminism with misogyny is reverse-sexist. This is something I need to address to fellow antifeminists. One thing is that feminist extremists often scapegoat the male sex for society's problems.

I joined Wikipedia in July 2003. I had a good time there up until late 2007, when things went out of hand. Legotech started a case that led me to getting jailed (i.e. blocked from editing Wikipedia articles, but not banned). What may have led to the situation is strict Christian upbringing. Whoever was offended by the antifeminist content on my userpage was raised in evil feminist upbringing, and they have been deceived by that upbringing. They believe radical feminist ideology. We are not born to believe feminist ideology, we are erroneously taught that. We should stop teaching our sons and daughters to believe and accept that false ideology. Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison were brought up that way. They are both evil feminist extremists. They condemn what is "sexist" in a secondary sense. What is termed "sexism" in a secondary sense can actually be beneficial to society. Contrary to what Alison said in my Talk page, that userpage was not "offenisve to every thinking person." That case was feminist nonsense. That userpage was offensive only to feminist extremists. Also, Krimpet, Alison, and Legotech overly criticize the content of my userpage, and they are liars. It was not as offensive as they think it was.

Wikipedia's internal policies are being pushed too far. Therefore, I have no desire to return to Wikipedia. I would prefer going to Wikia.com and its subsites.

The feminist lie teaches that:

  • Feminine beauty is crippling for women.
  • The genders are identical.
  • Only men are evil and violent.
  • Fathers do not matter to children.
  • Women do the same jobs as men but get paid less.
  • Careers are more important for women than family.
Feminist ideology is a disgrace to humanity. Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison, and anyone else in the Wikipedia who claim to be offended by my userpage have given in to the feminist lie. Feminists have scapegoated the male sex, just as social conservatives have scapegoated video games. Such scapegoating is reverse sexism. Krimpet is indeed a reverse sexist. The evidence of reverse sexism and feminist censorship is ubiquitous. Today, partly because of legitimate prevalent sensitivity to feminist dogma, we ride the curve of an antithesis whose moral and legal authority are not only the supported but also institutionalized, thus inviting self-righteous excess and corruption of the unchallenged political power. The effects of the prevalent feminist dogma can be seen on the Internet and in literary market listings. Therefore, what content on user texts, not only in Wikipedia, but all across the Internet, and in the libraries, is regulated by what are perceived as intrinsically and even exclusively feminist values, rather than by true human values. I myself represent true human values, while Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison represent feminist values, which are evidently false. The feminist rhetoric, which these boneheaded Wikipedians tried to force on me, is self-defeating, dangerous, and is a threat to the existence of the human race and promotes divisions and injustice.

Feminist ideology is very destructive and divisive. The most fundamental and yet delicate element of society is the relationship between the male sex and the female sex. It is the erythrocyte of society. The family depends on it. No one with societal interests at heart would attempt to divide mankind. Yet the destructive and divisive feminist lie has become the official orthodoxy, and that is what got me into this Wikipedia situation. Therefore, there is a gap between the truth and the official orthodoxy.

Men love women. Men's instinct is to nurture and see women thrive. Women are beautiful when they are happy, and ugly when they are sad. The vast majority of men and women have supported and guided their families for thousands of years. Feminists aggressively promote the belief that the innate gender characteristics, which are crucial to human development, are so-called "stereotypes."

Gender studies is a dangerously sensitive topic, but it must be addressed. God gave me this political agenda. My stand against feminist ideology can be asserted as true. Radical feminist ideology is a psychological disorder. It is anti-male, anti-life, anti-child, anti-God, anti-family, destructionist, and neo-Marxist. Radical feminists are unforgiving women who are like the modern day Medeas, who will sacrifice their offspring to satisfy their need for revenge against unfaithful men.

Feminists, who are servants of the Illuminati, seek to dictate thought and expression, violate the First Amendment, invade schools and business, hijack Web networks, and censor those who oppose their teachings. They seek to overrun the Internet with their message and agenda as they do with the rest of the media, and they can only do that by going after MRA's freedom of speech. The words "sexist" and "misogynist" are political swear words that feminist uses when they encounter something that is politically incorrect according to their false, intolerant standards and those of their mentors. Angry feminists, like those at FinalFantasyForums.net, must give up their hypersensitivity and begin to regard thoughts and expressions with benevolent intentions as rhetorical vehicles and works of art, not excuses to promote censorship under the guise of female rights. If these trends continue, any expression that is against feminist ideology will be censored out by the ubiquitous feminist network, and anything that smacks of masculinity or male interests will be vituperated or made verboten. Therefore, these trends in censorship must be abolished immediately.

The moral of this post is: You must not put gender equality ahead of freedom of speech.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Political correctness at Wikipedia

Recently, political correctness knocked on my door at Wikipedia. Wikipedians by the usernames of Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison have forced political correctness on my userpage. Political correctness has gone too far. They have enforced political correctness my userpage. The antifeminist userbox was deleted by Krimpet with the intent to force the feminist rhetoric on me. As the debate went on, they claim that my political agenda is sexist, but my political agenda is beneficial. I am aware that these feminist nuts are throwing obstacles against my progress on conducting my political agenda.

They claim that it is my fault, but it is actually their fault. They are only making excuses to get in my way of doing my political agenda. The people who claimed to be offended by my userpage were indoctrinated to be so.

Feminism is going out of hand, and the abuse of feminism must be addressed. Everyday, antifeminists are being persecuted online, suffering feminist censorship. Political correctness is getting in my way of fulfilling my political agenda, which must be done. It is divisive and as obstructive as censorship against advocation of nudism. It alienates likeminded people from many others.

This is NOT Wikipedia. This blog is not affiliated with Wikipedia in any way. Action should not be taken against me at Wikipedia for something I do at this blog. At this blog, you can things that are not allowed at Wikipedia.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I feel sorry for the staff at TheFinalFantasy.com

On New Year's Eve of 2007, I was wrongfully banned from the TheFinalFantasy.com forums behind my back. The reason stated was:
"The majority of the Staff at TFF have come to an agreement for you to [be] banned permanently. We can no longer condone your way of posting, we also feel your unorthodox and illogical views and opinions as nothing but a nuisance to the forum community."
The decision to ban me from the message board was not unanimous. This is a ban conspiracy and the above quote implies opinion blackmail. I only posted a little at the time of the ban. I did not intend to offend anyone or break any rules. I feel that the staff at TheFinalFantasy.com is too corrupt and got too strict. They banned me just because they disagree with my opinion. This part of the reason for banning me, which is "we also feel your unorthodox and illogical views and opinions as nothing but a nuisance to the forum community" is either a lie or half-truth. They had the intent to force their opinion and someone else's opinion on me. Therefore, they have committed ban conspiracy, and they have blackmailed me to change my opinion. I have felt so alienated by the ban. There may have been some PM insults by TFF staff that led to the ban. Many at TFF see me as an asset to the forums. I feel sorry for the staff at TFF. The TFF staff should be taught a lesson. This case will be resolved one day. The views and opinions of the staff at TFF are nothing but a minority representing a tiny fraction of the gaming populace.

My judgement is that the staff of TheFinalFantasy.com message board should be condemned for ban conspiracy and opinion blackmail.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome to Tedius Zanarukando's blog

This is Tedius Zanarukando. This blog is based in Anderson, South Carolina. I was asked from Wikipedia.org by a fellow user named Legotech to create this blog, in order to express my views on various sensitive social issues, such as institutionalized misandry, censorship, prudery, and economic issues, as well as to publish news about video game series such as Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem and reality television shows like American Idol and The Biggest Loser. I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, on November 8, 1979. I was raised in a Jehovah's Witness household in Laurens County, South Carolina. I rejected Jehovah's Witnesses in 2003 and moved on from there. I left my parent's home and moved to Anderson, South Carolina, on June 28, 2007. I run my computer at 1920x1200 resolution, thus 16:10 aspect ratio. Final Fantasy is my favorite video game franchise. I was introduced to Final Fantasy in 1995. Fire Emblem is my favorite Nintendo franchise. I was introduced to Fire Emblem in 2002 because of Marth happening to be my favorite character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. My favorite Nintendo character is Ayra from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, who is known in Japan as Ira.

Remember, you can believe what you want, but most of my opinion is common sense. The road to a peaceful world has been obstructed by hateful, outdated, and specious ideologies, which claim to guarantee human values. What I post on this blog is most likely true. My political agenda is to eliminate political Trojan horses and specious ideologies from western culture, including radical feminism (or institutionalized misandry) and prudery. It is to abolish institutionalized misandry and bring about a male-friendly society. It is to abolish ideologies that are politically correct but factually incorrect or that have gone too far. It is to replace a society based on fear, lies, injustice, and division with a society based on love, truth, justice, trust, and pleasure. That includes abolishing false legislation, false allegations, misuse of laws intended to protect women, and bogus political ideologies, such as feminism, communism, censorship, and prudery.

Feminism has gone well beyond its original goals, at least in three dimensions:
  1. Asserting gender equality in everything, even in aspects where genders are inherently different (such as fashion).
  2. Extending "equality" from the sociopolitical atmosphere into the personal or private atmosphere.
  3. A hysterical response that exaggerates the real problems that women face from men, regarding sexual harrassment, rape, domestic violence, etc.
All of the above dimensions are wrong. Feminism uses the male sex as a scapegoat for society's troubles, just as social conservatives do with certain forms of entertaiment media. Feminism conflicts with nature, while much of my opinion conforms to nature. Rules and ideologies that conform to nature merit positive results. Rules and ideologies that conflict with nature merit negative results.  You must be careful of what you wish for. 

This blog is not an anti-female blog; it is an MRA blog.  I love women, and feminism does not represent all women. 

Tedius Zanarukando Doctrine tenet #1: Rule of Femininitarianism

Respect and embrace femininity. Women must not fashion themselves after men.

"And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, 'We will eat our own bread and wear our own apparrel.'" — Isaiah 4:1a

"The woman shall not wear what pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God." — Deuteronomy 22:5
Beauty standards have been gone too far from my opinion. After reading the above Biblical verse, the things that pop into the mind of American society includes men wear earrings and necklaces and long hair, and women wearing trousers and short hair. The practice of women fashioning themselves like men is just as evil as vice versa. Women must live by Deuteronomy 22:5, and not doing so leads to hell. Women should not look like men, for women are not men. Women fashioning themselves like men is like impersonating someone they are not. Some may think that feminism fashion is difficult, but it is not. Long hair and skirts are better than short hair and pants. Thus, feminine fashion is better than masculine fashion.

Many view this belief (neologistically known as femininitarianism) as sexist, but this belief is factually and logically correct, and based on the Bible. The word sexism is basically a swear word used by feminists, and it is just a trump card to enforce their agenda. Unfortunately, the female fashion industry has crossed the femininity line. This tenet of the doctrine is not a matter of discrimination against or repression of women, and feminine fashion (i.e. long hair and dresses/skirts) is better than masculine fashion (i.e. short hair and trousers). 

Femininity is slowing fading away in the western world, due to the pressures of the feminist movement. Based on some of the Internet comments I have read, many people have been misled by the pressures of the feminist movement. This is part of the feminist agenda, because the radical feminists want a genderless society, which will mean the end of humanity in the long run. Part of the central focus of my political agenda is to save femininity. There have been controversial fashion trends going on in society, such as short hair, trousers, and bare legs. Our society and culture teach us false ideologies, like feminism, which lead us away from common sense. Many Western women fashion themselves like men. They follow the false ideology that women are meant to have the same rights and roles as men, and especially that women are meant to take up the roles that are historically held by men. They show their adherence to this teaching outwardly by fashioning themselves like men. This teaching is contrary to common sense and God's purpose for mankind.

Women should fashion themselves the feminine way, not the masculine or androgynous way. Women are not inherently like men, and it is impossible to have absolute equality between two things that are unequal by definition. In order for romantic love to be a pleasant experience for men, female fashion must comply with male wishes, or otherwise it is hostile behavior. Female fashion that complies with male wishes is called girly girl fashion, and the opposite is called tomboy fashion. Girly girl fashion (such as long hair and skirts) is intrinsically modest and tomboy fashion (such as short hair and trousers) is intrinsically Jezebel. is a wonderful thing. It is personality trait, not a stereotype, character defect, or sickness. This tenet may sound sexist according to radical feminist dogma, which is accepted by dominant culture, but it is a fact and for your own good. I detest women who look like men, and I do not accept that I am a sexist. [Again the word sexist is a swear word and using it against me is feminist butthole.] This rule is a basic element of human civilization. Tomboy fashion may be a tenet of feminist dogma, but it is hostile behavior and merits very disasterous moral and psychological consequences.

Women should not part with their long hair or wear trousers or pantsuits. Doing so flies against common sense and the normal, natural human desire to please, and it is not the female way. Being like SNK character King is hostile behavior. Women must not rely on personality alone to attract or charm men. Short hair is unfeminine, and long hair is the only way to go for women. Very long hair is the most recommended and must not be frowned upon, since it is very feminine. Contrary to a myth, long hair is easier to take care of than short hair. Women should not cut off or have someone cut off their long hair, for that is not the female way. They should let their hair decide how long it will grow. No one should encourage any woman to cut or wear their hair short.

Trousers are also unfeminine, so women should not wear them. Preferably, they should wear long skirts, whether with tights or bare legs. The only exceptions are certain occupations. Skirts are just as sexy with bare legs as they are with nylon clad legs. Bare legs are generally more practical, but nylon clad legs are more feminine. I generally prefer women with waist length hair or longer and wearing maxi skirts. Midi and miniskirts are practical for warm weather. The fashion trends of the early 21st century are a joke.

No authority figure should require women or girls to violate this tenet. You must not expel, punish, or terminate a female client or employee for wearing their hair long or for wearing skirts. Such act is called persecution of femininity. Hence, no authority figure should frown upon femininity. Brunettes are more attractive than blondes. Black hair is more beautiful than other hair colors. African-American, Hispanic, Arab, and Asian women look best with black hair. Authority figures, including parents, school faculty, bosses, church leaders, and heads of state, must respect femininity; thus they must not force any female follower to violate this tenet. Parents should raise girly girls, not tomboys. If the government forces violation of this tenet, the human race will go the way of the dodo.

This applies especially for Asian women. Asian women are supposed to be the pinnacle of femininity. They look excellent with long hair, and embarrassingly unattractive with short hair. Short hair may be somewhat all right for African American women, but certainly not for Asian women.

You must show respect for femininity. Therefore, you should be a femininitarian. The allure of the female sex must be preserved. Unfortunately, Western societies have a negative perception of femininity, thus they are antifemininitarian. Professionals who deal with battered women falsely tell them that their femininity is a problem and that they need to change their taste in men. Feminine women are not given the respect they deserve. Masculine women deserve no respect at all, for they lack allure. God did not intend that women to fashion themselves after men. This fashion practice is against Bible principles.


1. Make your mind over when it comes to hair length.
2. Grow your short hair long, preferably at least waist length.
3. Trade your trousers for long skirts. Replace pantsuits with turtleneck dresses.

The most common reasons for women cutting their hair short are:

  • Impending motherhood
  • Alienate men in their lives
  • Looks perception (thinking they look better with short hair)
  • Someone else told them so
  • Advice from the media
  • Headaches
  • Not wanting that kind of attention
  • Reaching a certain age
Those reasons are either false or frivolous. Short hair and trousers are worse than miniskirts. I am trying to fight against the flattening out of mankind, against attacks upon those differences on which is associated with the complementary of man and woman. The idea of unisex fashion is a passageway to the end of humanity.
Short hair in this blog is defined as hairstyle that entirely or partially exposes the ears or nape of the neck. Long hair in this blog is defined as a hairstyle that is past the underarms, covering the ears and the nape of the neck. Medium hair is hairstyle that covers the ears and nape of the neck but is not past the underarms.
The practice of women fashioning like men, including short hairstyle and trousers, is very wrong and immoral. In the long run, it causes permanent damage to the family, to conjugal fidelity, to human affections, and human society, and it creates a hostile society. It corrupts men's minds as well as women's minds. It vitiates the relationship between the genders. It harms the dignity of the mother in her children's eyes. The way the mother fashions herself affects her children's psychology as well as her own. When a woman fashions herself the feminine way, as stated in this post, she has the strength God gives her. When she fashions herself the butch way, she only has the strength she gives herself, and that practice imposes and modifies her gestures, attitudes, behavior, and changes her frame of mind. This practice is perversion of a woman's psychology. It is like plagiarism and impersonation. Women are not meant to behave like men, so they should fashion themselves like women not like men.
Deuteronomy 22:5 states that hairstyles and clothing between male and female must be distinctive, not identical. Think of the law of magnetism, that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. The same thing can be said about hairstyles and clothing between male and female. It is natural for a man to wear his hair short and for a woman to wear her hair long. Short hair and trousers on a woman are a dishonor to that woman. Therefore, women must not imitate the male sex in appearance, nor should they imitate women of another race. This tenet of the Tedius Zanarukando doctrine is not an option, nor is it a suggestion; it is a fact that can be readily observed in our society. People can be offended when they hear about the truth about dress and hair length, only because they are trained to be offended. Short hair on a woman is a symbol of a woman's rebellion, including rebellion against their parents, against society, against religion, and against everything else. Short hair is butch, androgynous, provocative, and harlotish. It was not until the feminist movement when the idea of short hair for women began. When women rebel against society, they wear their hair short and wear trousers. God is displeased with this practice, and it is like rebellion against things that are right. It is like trying to correct a wrong with another wrong, which is impossible to do.

Women wearing short hair and pants is like putting pants on the signs of both restroom doors. From the outward appearance, it would be impossible to distinguish between the door for men and the door for women. The tags on the pants are obscure, because they are put in the interior of the pants. The unisex fashion system leads to confusion and division between the genders. The result would figuratively be like going into the wrong doors, and would result in shouting and great embarrassment.

Masculine clothing and female haircutting change the psychology of women. Whatever hairstyle a woman wears and whatever she wears on her legs, her psychology will be affected accordingly. If a woman cuts her hair short or wears pants, she is changing the feminine psychology proper to women. This practice causes animosity between the sexes. It comes to impose a particular state of spirit in women. A woman who wears her hair short or wears trousers more or less indicates that she is denying her femininity and speaks of it as inferior. This is evidently a perversion of psychology of women. Women who wear skirts are more successful in the workforce than women who wear pants. Women who wear skirts are less likely to be victims of domestic violence than women who wear pants. 

Asians think that being dark or tanned is bad, and that is their biggest complex, but I am against that. I am against skin whitening, for beauty has no color. Therefore, you must not imitate people you see in the media. You must develop your own personality, attitude, and self-confidence. You women must relieve yourselves of any complex about your skin tone. You must learn to love your natural skin tone, and only then can you highlight it.

I have a dream that the society and media will openly accept femininity in the western world, and no longer dictate that long hair should be cut or that women should wear pants. I have a dream that one day, the gender differences in fashion will be embraced, with short hair and trousers for men and long hair and long dresses for women. If women fashion themselves the feminine way, according to this doctrine, they can have liberty from all sorts temptations and oppressive relationships.

I honestly believe that women are God's greatest creation. God saved the best for last. A femininely fashioned woman can do better in life than a man or a masculinely fashioned woman. Femininity is wonderful and must be celebrated maximally.