Thursday, February 27, 2014

American Idol season 13 top 13 revealed

Last week, the top 13 of American Idol season 13 was revealed. On the male side: Ben Briley, C.J. Harris (wildcard), Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, Dexter Roberts, and Sam Woolfe. On the female side: Jenna Asciutto, Jess Meuse, Majesty Rose, MK Nobilette (who is openly lesbian), Kristin O'Connor, Emily Piriz, and Malaya Watson. Who I think will be the first of the top 13 to be eliminated is Dexter Roberts. I hope the winner is one of the 7 girls, and not one of the 6 guys. The only guy worth winning is Caleb Johnson. Sam Woolfe is just another Kris Allen type White guy with a guitar. Alex Preston is just another Lee DeWyze type White guy with a guitar. Neither of them will be a long-term success story if either of them win. I have no clear favorite this year, but that would be one of the 7 girls. I think the girls are stronger than the guys.

The voting system has changed, and the contestants will have the same voting number all-season long. This season, the viewers can vote 50 times per method per contestant. If this voting methodology was in placed in season 11, Jessica Sanchez would have won, and maybe Joshua Ledet would have been the runner-up.

On a side note, The X Factor USA season 3 was won by Alex & Sierra. The real winner is Ellona Santiago. However, the show has been recently cancelled, citing that Fox cannot have The X Factor USA without Simon Cowell. I blame The Voice for the cancellation. This makes American Idol more relevant.