Friday, October 31, 2008

TZ doctrine tenet #9: Women must not press false charges against men

Far too many women have been getting away with murder. The feminist notion that women were oppressed in the West is false and only serves to stir up misandry. That is one of the false premises that feminism is based on. Conventional wisdom, especially in the United States and Great Britain in the 21st century, teaches that in domestic violence cases men are the perpetrators and women are the victims. The truth is that men and children are also victims of domestic violence, and that women are usually the initiators. The media and the feminists claim that men are always the perpetrators of domestic violence and that women are always the victims. They claim that domestic violence perpetrator by men against women is at an all-time high and increasing. However, in reality, that is false according to scientific research.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a law that discriminates against male victims of violence by denying them equal protection. It is a significant step forward in feminism in the mid 1990s. VAWA is obviously and intentionally anti-male, as the name implies. VAWA is the smoking gun to prove that feminism is a political hate movement, not an equality movement. It supports the feminist claim that it is acceptable to discriminate against men, which is absolutely unacceptable to me. It also costs billions of taxpayer dollars. It has not lived up to its original purpose.

Blaming the male sex will not solve the domestic violence issue. Restraining orders have turned out to be swords rather than shields. Fathers have become strangers to their children, not voluntarily, but by legal force. Domestic violence is a family issue, not a gender issue. Gender politics must be separated from this issue.  Attributing a societal issue to one gender over the other is misleading and hinders efforts to address the issue.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is out of hand for 12 reasons:
  • VAWA has failed to stop abuse.
  • VAWA provides incentives for false allegations and family divisions.
  • VAWA has not delivered on its promises to women.
  • VAWA disseminates one-sided and gender biased information.
  • VAWA allows states to broaden the definition of domestic violence to include virtually all types of family disagreement, even shouting.
  • VAWA promotes immigration fraud.
  • VAWA encourages issuing police restraining orders, even when there is no evidence of physical violence.
  • VAWA funds destructive mandatory arrest policies.
  • VAWA biases the judiciary.
  • VAWA condones mismanagement of federal government money.
  • VAWA costs taxpayers $20 billion annually to aid at-risk children who are harmed by family division.
  • VAWA illegally discriminates against male victims of domestic violence.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

TZ doctrine tenet #7: No more false legislation or accusation

America has been saddled with a ton of bad laws. A bad law is defined as a law based on lies, false allegations, junk science, or dishonest statistics. A good law is defined as a law based on truth, true allegations, sound science, or honest statistics. Good laws are catered to the common people. Bad laws are catered to special interests. Bad laws are the bane of freedom. Bad legislation means tough time for freedom of speech.

Good laws should be obeyed, but bad laws should be challenged. Laws derived from the Rockefeller-based elite are bad laws paved with good intentions. Good intentions do not necessarily make good laws. Most good legislation comes from liberals. Most bad legislation paved with good intentions comes from conservatives. One-sided feminist laws are bad laws. Racial equality laws are good laws, while Jim Crow laws were bad laws. Laws against drugs are bad laws. The government should not intervene against people's actions unless they impede upon the rights of others. Bad laws cost America billions of dollars and led to incarceration of millions of otherwise law-abiding people.

Bad cases make bad laws, and celebrity cases often reinforce age-old myths. The biggest myth is that the high-profile O.J. Simpson case is likely to reinforce the myth that domestic violence is a one-way street (male against female) and its corollary that male-perpetrated domestic violence is an outgrowth of masculinity. This myth is a big distortion. The truth is that domestic violence is a two-way street, not a one-way street. Like church and state, gender politics must be separated from the domestic violence issue. Female-perpetrated domestic violence is more rampant than people think.

Part of the dark side of feminism is that feminist laws, which can be bad laws, can erode freedom of speech. You must not put gender equality ahead of freedom of speech. The right to portray women in whatever way the media industry wants should hold precedence over the right to object to it. Gender politics must be separated from media controversy. Remember the words of Milton Friedman:
A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality outcome—ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality, nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of the people who use it to promote their own interests. On the other hand, a scoiety that puts freedom first will, as a happy by-product, end up with both greater freedom and greater equality.
Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, stated that the object of good government is the care of human life and happiness, not their destruction. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, stated that mercy bears better results than strict justice. The Tedius Zanarukando Doctrine makes more sense than the doctrine of the mainstream, despite what as those feminists believe.

Legislation based on false premises or fabricated statistics or such laws that cops enforce will not solve society's problems. Such laws hurt people in many ways, and clog up the courts and prisons with otherwise law-abiding citizens. Laws based on false premises cost millions of dollars a year in taxpayer money, and they divide and destroy families and perpetuate lies and encourage crime.

Friday, October 17, 2008

TZ doctrine tenet #6: Censorship is a dead end

I am strongly against the belief that media violence desensitizes people to aggressive behavior. We have been upset about linking electronic games to acts of violence or other criminal acts. We have been upset about the growing political movement against so-called violent electronic games. We have been upset about the vilification of the video game community by the media, church, and state. The speech will tell you the truth about video games and youth violence and aggression. It is directed toward the governments, the religious sects, and the media pundits. We shall win the government to our side. This speech shall put an end to video game censorship and the vilification of interactive entertainment.

It is a shame that video game players are very poorly looked upon by much of society, especially by the cults and governments. That has happened, not just in the United States. It has happened internationally. They should stop blaming video games for society's problems. I am getting tired of the media, religious cults, and state attacking the video game community. The video game community has been treated worse than television and motion picture community.

Video games have been used as a scapegoat for acting out violent or heinous crimes, insubordination (or difficulty obeying authorities), difficulty treating peers properly, and academic failure. It is feminism and other extreme political correctness that cause these ills, not video games. Anyone who supports or teaches the belief that violent video games desensitize an otherwise normal, sane-minded person into a violent criminal does not earn my respect, regardless of whether he or she has a title that demands respect.

Video game players are very good and compassionate people, despite the common ecclesiastical (or religious) and governmental (or political) criticism. They are not mindless idiots as the mainstream news media and the church and state think we are. I want to be a hero of the video game community. I am wholly and internationally against religious and governmental restriction and regulation of video games, for such restriction is religious and political nonsense. I am against church-sanctioned and government-sanctioned rating systems. Any desensitization to evil things has to do with incompetency, psychological conflict, and lack of training, not the content of the video games. Any religious organization that restricts video games is either a cult or a totalitarian religious organization (e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses and Church of Scientology).

I left Jehovah's Witnesses fundamentally because of their stance on video games, and for influencing me to have misogynous (or anti-female) tendencies. I am rebuilding my life and have conquered misogyny. Theologically, Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult of Christianity and a totalitarian religious organization. Their actually false teachings do not really represent Biblical teachings. Not only I would leave my parents' home, I will also be willing to liberate gamers who are children of Jehovah's Witnesses but do not want to share that religious organization from their parent's home and construct new homes for them.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that their religious organization is "the only true Christian organization." But it is a cult of Christianity, for they claim that their ideas are from God, but they are from the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. Charles Taze Russell was exposed to the teachings of William Miller. The teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses are based on the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Mennonite Church. Their video game teachings originated from Jack Chick. Jehovah's Witnesses claim to question or counter other religions. The Witnesses' stance on video gaming is far beyond the ESRB, and it is a plague to video game community and its industry.

I disapprove of censorship based on religion and/or political correctness. Any parents whose restrictions are based on the teachings of totalitarian religious organizations or political correctness are enemies of the video game community. Any politician, such as Joseph Isadore Lieberman, who is bent on restricting or regulating video games and those who favorite that stance on video gaming is also an enemy of the video game community.

Those who play video games do so to relax, and stray away from being accused of a crime. Gamers are better people than nongamers. Ex-gamers who gave up games for religion or to support the Liebermanites are traitors against the video game community. If I were to believe in romantic love, I would marry a younger woman who is also a Final Fantasy fan, but not an angry feminist or Jehovah's Witness (a member of my former religion). Older women are usually nongamers. It is not recommended for gamers to marry nongamers. Gamers must not vote for Lieberman or marry anyone who voted for Lieberman. Real gamers do not vote for Lieberman or practice religious organizations that restrict video games. I love the video game community, and I do not want any gamers to face restriction on video games.

Restricting or illegalizing video games, especially by means of outlawing the hobby, and whether entirely or content-wise, is evil, undemocratic, and totalitarian. It is also a violation of the First Amendment of U.S. Constitution. It does not only hurt the video game community and its industry, but it also hurts the economy and leads to unemployment and oppression. Such illegalization turns a democratic country into a brutal dictatorship. It may also destroy the video game community and tarnish the image of the video game industry and the economy.

Banning video games entirely or just because they contain violence, occultism, profanity, or whatever else is controversial, is not the answer, and it is unconstitutional. Such banning is Lieberman's idea. A professor at Nihon University in Japan indicated video gaming increases alpha brain wave activity, which lets gamers get more focused even outside gaming. A similar study indicates that school students who play video games at night or after doing homework, chores, or whatever their parents or guardians require them to do for the day tend to have more associates and make better grades than their nongaming counterparts at a similar grade point ratio.

We are on the side of the video game proponents. Those who oppose the video game community are on the side of the video game barbarians. is neutral in the video game controversy. 2002 is the worst year, not only for me, but also for the video game community.

Playing video games does not only keep us away from trouble, it can also keep a our minds off of the deaths of our loved ones. I am an accidentally hardcore gamer, because I was under intense social denial back in my school age. I play Final Fantasy games or listen to Final Fantasy music itself to heal or empower my emotions, and to make me happy. I gave up my parents' religion, Jehovah's Witnesses, for video games (specifically RPGs). Their religious organization is a cult of Christianity. Its founder Charles Taze Russell was exposed to the teachings of William Miller and borrowed the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I also gave up that religious organization to become a hero of the video game community, and I want to support the video game community internationally. I do not want you fellow gamers join that religious organization either, because of their stance on video gaming is too restrictive, robbing of enjoyment of video gaming. I would rather to be a hardcore gamer than to have a romantic relationship with an angry feminist.

We shall see to it that the war of the video game controversy will be won by the video game community. The religious and political enemies of the video game community will one day meet their demise. The video game community shall be in peace and relaxation, without any Liebermanite or fundamentalist interference. A New Liebermanite or New Fundamentalist movement will be strictly forbidden. The hardcore gamers will be well understood. The Greek Law 3037/002 will be repealed, or else the Greek Parliament will face conquest. Video gaming will one day be a cultural phenomenon in almost every country as it is in Japan, and the video game market will expand. Localization will be beefed up.

Those totalitarian religious organizations, such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Church of Scientology, claim that video games cause violation, witchcraft, and degradation of youth, but that is their problem, and it is not so. Those religious organizations are extremist cults. They were exposed to the video game teachings of Jack Chick. So you must not convert to a totalitarian religious organization. Their stance on video gaming is too restrictive and set in detail. They will rob you of video gaming.

I have the Greek Parliament to keep an eye on through the Internet, but I live in the United States. I want to help the Greek gaming community, and march against that Greek Law 3037, which entirely banned electronic gaming. I was shocked that the Greek Parliament has betrayed the video game community with that law. Such law is unconstitutional, and if it lasts too long, it will turn Greece into a brutal dictatorship. Greece was ruled by a brutal dictatorship long ago, and it may happen with Greece again. The Greek video game community has been undergoing hardship with the Greek Parliament since law 3037, enacted in 2002. The hardship is horrible, not only for the Greek video game community, but also the video game community worldwide. We do not want the video game community in any country to suffer oppression, especially electronic game ban. I certainly do not tolerate electronic game bans. Let us save the Greek video game community, guaranteeing them the liberty to play video games. The Greek Parliament will suffer the consequences of enacting law 3037. Warfare would be the last resort. I support the video game community internationally. The Greek electronic game situation is a lesson against electronic game ban. Greece may suffer oppression and economic collapse, and Greek Law 3037 will degenerate into a brutal dictatorship and shedding of the blood of gamers if it does not get repealed, and the Greek Parliament may worsen its detriment against the Greek video game community and face warfare that way. If the Greek Parliament continues to oppress gamers, that regime shall face military invasion.

Video games have recently surpassed motion pictures in popularity, but it is unknown whether they can surpass television in popularity. Video games and the Internet will remain equally popular, for gamers need Internet access to communicate with each other and keep up with the news. Video games will one day replace motion pictures and become as much of a cultural phenomenon in North America and Europe as it is in Japan, and they will sport lush, realistic, true 3D graphics and nicely arranged or orchestrated audio. Video game OSTs from Japan will have their linear notes translated from Japanese to English and come to North America. I am sure RPGs will one day be the dominant video game genre. RPGs are the greater video games, while non-RPGs are the lesser video games. Because classic games are legends, let them be remade for a new audience, but port the original versions also. One day, the oppressive nongamer government will be overthrown, and the video game community will rule the United States, and ultimately the world. The heroes of the video game community will be remembered if any of them die. Let us fight those public video game criticisms and then enjoy those video games to our hearts content until the discs wear out. I would buy many video games myself, for I will rise from a casual gamer to a superhardcore gamer.

We shall rise up against all religious and political video game restriction, criticism, scrutiny, and regulation. We will stop being blinded by religious or political criticism and controversy again and enjoy many video games to our hearts' content until the discs wear out. The video game market will expand as time goes by. We must not judge a video game before playing it. We must give that video game an opportunity for a valid opinion from us. One day, it will be evident that gamers are good and passionate people. Video game criticism will one day be no more, and the Liebermanites will be no more. We should buy video games in order to love and support the video game industry. The video game market should expand to bring about more opportunity to buy video games. I recommend that Game Stops store should open in smaller cities and towns as well as large cities. Square Enix takes care of me and cheers me up with Final Fantasy. I love buying their games for I love Square Enix.

We are getting tired of those video game censors, which include the media-restrictive religious sects and certain politicians, standing in our way and making stereotypes of the gamers. We must march to speak out against gamer criticism.

Much of the creation of stereotypes of gamers is the work of a censor organization called Parents and Grandparents Alliance, Inc., a division of Accuracy in Media. That organization is run by Pat Boone. They are out to drive the youth into a state of eternal tedium (or boredom), not "make the world a better place for the youth." They claim "TV, pop music, movies, and video games are causing children to do sex, violence, drug abuse, and suicide!" They claim that the media industries, including the video game and motion picture industrs, are "guilty of a monstrous evil." They claim that it is the truth. A sample of such argument from that evil censorship organization can be found at this Disinfopedia article. This version did not mention video games, but it is a possible indirect reference to them. I was shocked at recent local newspaper advertisement last Saturday. It is closely similar to a sample like at what I liked aforementionedly, except that they included video games. They were telling lies about the media communities, including us the video game community. We must defend our freedom of expression and protect the video game industry against threats of government and religious censorship.

Those advertisements from Parents and Grandparents Alliance, Inc., have been disseminated in newspapers in July 2001, January 2004, and April 2004. I am well aware of such advertisements from them, and you should be aware of that. Those advertisements are controversial, and agreeing with them is not the way of a gamer. They are horrible and offensive to the media community. They have been castigating the media communities (especially the video game and motion picture communities) by using extreme negative adjectives, probably in a sense to deceive the government. That organization has been accused of campaigning to promote censorship. They are out to suppress everything that is fun and cheering up. Parents and Grandparents Alliance, Inc. must be stopped. They are a group of video game censors. Video game censors are bad and ruthless people, and they, including the Parents and Grandparents Alliance should be punished for their attacks against the video game community. Pat Boone and Joseph Lieberman are evil censors.

Also, as I said before, my parents' religion, Jehovah's Witnesses, is theologically a dangerous and demeaning cult, and a totalitarian religious organization. They are opposed to everything that is fun. Their founder Charles Taze Russell was influenced by the teachings of William Miller and borrowed teachings from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They believe that those who think that the entertainment does not both them are "deceiving themselves with false reasoning." Is that true, or are they just calling that true? They like to criticize the opponents of censorship and support the censors. Jehovah's Witnesses are obviously too restrictive and defamatory. Joining that religious organization is not the way of a gamer, nor is supporting Pat Boone or Joseph Lieberman, or the other video game censors, or siding with the Parents and Grandparents Alliance. Therefore, disagreeing with me on this thread is not the way of a gamer. Video games have nothing to do with the Columbine High School massacre or the Virginia Tech massacre. Seong-Hui Cho was hardly a gamer.

Patricia Vance, the president of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, is no stranger to the business end of the rod of the empire of video game censorship. She said that the mainstream news media is choosing facts about electronic gaming in order to show the electronic gaming industry in a negative perspective. Only a small percentage of recently released electronic games are ESRB-rated M for Mature, but that is the type of electronic games the mainstream media, the church, and the state always show when they want to drive home any point about electronic games. Electronic games that are ESRB-rated M for Mature have evidently dominated mainstream media coverage on electronic gaming. Although there is no shortage of electronic gaming coverage, whatever coverage is out there, outside of enthusiast coverage, the news media disproportionately focuses on certain types of electronic games or on partial information that does absolutely no justice to the interactive entertainment industry.Interactive entertainment, which includes computer and video games, has been subject to more regulation, censorship, and scrutiny than visual entertainment, which includes motion pictures and television programs, especially in the United States and Australia. At retail stores, according to Patricia Vance, the regulation of sales of electronic games that are rated M for Mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board is more than a 100 percent stricter than the regulation of sales of DVD’s of motion pictures that are rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America. There are no expressions of outrage of about minors gaining entry to theatrical screenings of R-rated motion pictures. The Australian censorship regime, the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification, believes that there is a very special problem with electronic games.

Destructive political correctness, which is what this blog is mainly aimed against, is a threat to the video game industry. I disapprove of video game censorship or criticism on the basis of religious doctrines or false tenets of political correctness.

Video games are analogous to rock and roll. In the 1950’s, like electronic games today, rock and roll was a new work of art that was condemned for promoting aggressive behavior, thoughts, and affect among young people. Some rock and roll records were banned from the radio, and others had been censored. Politicians called for legislation against the reception of offending rock and roll records by post. But now, the Babyboomer generation who accepted rock and roll has grown up, and rock and roll has been considered a legitimate work of art. The same will go for electronic gaming by the 2030s.Most gamers (at least those I know) are good people and are very nice. The reason why this thread is entitled "Gamers are good people" is that it was influenced by an archived thread at Letting a video game experience decide what kind of person you will be is stupid and nonsensical. The video game players shall strike back against gamer criticism. Those stereotypes of video game players are so false, futile, useless, and evil. Any religious sect, including Jehovah's Witnesses, that restricts video games is theologically an authoritarian cult of Christianity, and here is a Web page about the strange beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses. We gamers will soon march and voice out against gamer criticism. Video game censors are evil people, and they shall be punished for the damage they did with the video game community.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My speculations on Star Wars in Blu-ray

When I bought my PS3 back on April 14, 2008, after Blu-ray defeated HD-DVD, I started buying motion pictures in Blu-ray format. However, Lucasfilm's Star Wars saga is not yet released in this HD format. The films would be remastered into perfect HD quality.

Here are my speculations concerning the Blu-ray version. For changes to Revenge of the Sith, for the portrayal of Luminara Unduli on Kashyyyk, Faye David should be replaced with the original actress Mary Oyaya. For the portrayal of Stass Allie, Nina Fallon and Tace Bayliss should be replaced with Lily Nyamwasa (who is found to be the canon portrayal of the character) [Nyamwasa was very disappointed about Fallon stealing her role in the film]. New Order 66 footage would be added, such as the deaths of Luminari Unduli on Kashyyyk and Barriss Offee on Felucia, scenes that were unshot for the theatrical version. The ending would be extended, adding Yoda's entry to Dagobah onto it.

For the original trilogy, further visual enhancement treatment by Lowry Digital would be done to make it look more in line with the prequel trilogy. Some newly shot footage, such as of planets that were previously covered in the prequel trilogy, might also be made. A New Hope would be the main focus for the enhancement. Luke's lightsaber in the Millennium Falcon scene, which appeared to be green, should be color-corrected to blue. The models would be replaced with computer graphics counterparts. The closing shot may have added footage of how Darth Vader survived the Battle of Yavin, resulting in footage of Coruscant. The original trilogy soundtracks would also be re-scored to sound in line with the prequel trilogy soundtracks. For Return of the Jedi, Kashyyyk would be added to the Victory Celebration footage. Aside from the Lowry Digital visual enhancement treatment, minor changes would be made.

There would also be a trivia track telling deeper into the story, and one telling the behind-the-scenes trivia, including changes from the previous versions of the films, references between the trilogies. Aside from English (as on the DVD), subtitles would also be available in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. New audio tracks aside from the ones included on the DVD would include the English Dolby TrueHD 7.1 channel, English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 channel, French 5.1, Spanish 5.1, and Japanese 5.1.