Sunday, March 30, 2008

TZ Doctrine tenet #3: Waterbirth vs Orthodox Childbirth

Waterbirth is superior to orthodox childbirth. It is easier for mothers and better for infants. I was born of orthodox childbirth myself. I discovered waterbirth last year. Waterbirth is currently not available for all women in all birth settings, but it should be. Waterbirth is better done nude than clothed, and doing waterbirth with the mother being nude may encourage privacy. It eases the transition from the womb to the outside world.

Waterbirth is accepted and practiced several countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European countries (including Great Britain and Germany, where many maternity clinics have birthing tubs).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Celebrate Chikezie Home

Another taste of bad news has come when it comes to American Idol. After the biggest vote in the nation, America has controversially decided that on the night of March 26, 2008, my favorite season 7 contestant Chikezie Ndubuisi Eze (more commonly known simply as Chikezie) would come to fame by arriving at 10th place on American Idol season 7. He was on the bottom three with Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro. The bottom three contestants of tonight are a mixed bag. I was rooting for Chikezie, and it is a shame that he got early elimination. The elimination song is "Celebrate Me Home", in the style of American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. It was originally recorded by Kenny Loggins.

Simon Cowell said that he chose the wrong song and that his performance was unoriginal (because he copied Ruben Studdard's take on the song). The song he chose was "If Only For One Night", which was originally recorded by Luther Vandross, and was also covered by my favorite American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. Randy Jackson said that Chikezie's performance was "very old school" and was not "hip and cool."

A typical American Idol winner is a Caucasian female. Only two American Idols are male, who are Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks. This is not the first time my favorite contestant is voted off. All too often, my favorite contestant on American Idol gets voted off early. The first time that happened with me was when Tamyra Gray got voted off. It also happened on Season 3, when Jennifer Hudson got voted off to 7th place.

Chikezie was born on September 11, 1985. The name Chikezie means "something well created by God" in Nigerian. He was born and raised in Inglewood, California. He previously auditioned for American Idol season 6, but was cut before the top 44. Before he auditioned for American Idol, he was a Transportation Security Administration screener and cashier. He also studied singing at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California.

However, there is good news, Chikezie will return for the American Idol tour this coming summer. Another good news is that American Idol castoff Josiah Lemin is getting a second chance at fame with Warner Bros. records. Maybe one day Chikezie will get a record contract too, possibly J Records under Ruben Studdard's tutelage, for winning American Idol is not everything.

On a side note, Clay Aiken is the most successful second-place finisher of American Idol.

On the following night, Fox Carolina news explained Chikezie's elimination. Simon Cowell scolded Chikezie for singing the Luther Vandross ballad "If Only for One Night", which was covered by Ruben Studdard in 2006. Chikezie told news reporters: "I already knew that [Simon Cowell] wasn't going to feel [the song] no matter what. I came in knowing that and I did the song anyway. I just had to do what I felt was right."

The tour lasted from July 1 to September 13, 2008. Chikezie is now working on his debut album, entitled Chikezie Eze.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Block from Wikipedia contested

I have successfully contested my ban from Wikipedia, which happened on January 26, 2008, for trying to expound my antifeminist agenda. I E-mailed Krimpet, the Wikipedia administrator who blocked me. It took two messages to convince Krimpet to unblock me. Then Krimpet agreed to unblock me under the condition that I would not "soapbox", or expound my political opinion on Wikipedia. The Wikipedia rules do not apply on this blog. Blogspot is not affiliated with Wikimedia Foundation in any way.

TZ doctrine tenet #2: True Wisdom vs Conventional Wisdom

We are living in a society based on lies, hate, fear, control, and hypocrisy. Our society is full of false ideologies and social movements based on false premises. What I really want is a society based on truth, freedom, trust, pleasure, and justice. There is a gap between the absolute truth (which I know) and society's official orthodoxy. It is potentially dangerous to be correct in a subject in which the authority figures are incorrect in. Throughout history, since the 1800s, there have been errors in dominant culture. The cultural lie is still rampant today. It took many years to correct those errors. My opinion is close to the absolute truth. The official orthodoxy of American society is very far from the absolute truth. The errors of the official orthodoxy include radical feminist dogma (including androgynistic female fashion) and the nudity taboo. Those tenets of American society have no social value at all. Those tenets must be debunked immediately, because they are putting humanity at risk. I am willing to challenge the false dominant values of our society. I am willing to help put an end to a society based on lies and rebuild a society based on truth.

Social movements based on false premises will not solve societies' problems. False premises can only lead to false conclusions and negative results. Actions and soclial policy based on true premises lead to desired results. Actions and social policy based on false premises lead to either the opposite of the desired results or to totally unpredictable results. Power within in a society is divided vertically, not horizontally.

The lies of conventional wisdom include:

  • Short hair is the way to go for women.
  • Short hair is easier to take care of than long hair.
  • Patriarchy is wrong.
  • We put the interests of radical feminists first.
  • Women should fashion themselves after men to gain respect.
  • Gender differences are socialized, not biological.
  • Men cannot be trusted.
  • Testosterone makes you evil.
  • All men are potential rapists.
  • Only men are domestic violence perpetrators and only women are the victims.
  • Men are oppressors of women.
  • Male sexuality is a problem.
  • Girls are smarter than boys.
  • Males are selfish and lazy.
  • Fathers are fake parents.
  • Violence against men is hilarious.
  • Only women's feelings matter
  • Violent video games turn otherwise well-adjusted people of all ages into violent criminals.
  • Role-playing video games promote access to the occult.
  • If any entertainment medium contains a reference to a minority religion, then it is harmful and must be banned.
  • Nudity is inherently immoral and sexual and should be banned from the media.
  • Nudity is harmful to children.
  • Nudism should be criminalized.
  • Female beauty is immoral, depraved, and dangerous, and corrupts children.
  • Only men inflict domestic violence.
  • Women have been oppressed by men for thousands of years.
  • Single mothers have no problem raising healthy, functional, well-adjusted kids without fathers.
  • A woman makes 75 cents for every dollar a man makes and does the exact same work a man does.
  • Presentation quality is always inversely proportional to gameplay value.
Everything on the above list is false, but are accepted as fact. These lies are destructive and self-defeating. Those who believe these lies were brainwashed. Brainwashed people hate the truth, because it somehow invalidates destructive notions imposed into their self-image. Cultural lies breed bad laws, and bad laws breed crime. I must do my political agenda. I must unbrainwash these people, and win them over to my side. It is the only way to a societal utopia. If my political agenda is done, school boys will have much higher academic achievement, stay in school, fewer disciplinary incidents, live longer, and will be much less likely to go to prison as adults. My political agenda will make life so much better for men, and it will benefit the economy. There would be much lower divorce rates, children less likely to leave their parents' home for ideological reasons, and much lower prison population for men. The government will not have to spend as much taxpayer money. If I do not do my political agenda, society will be at risk, and there will be so many wars, broken families, theft, oppression, and ultimately all human rights will be destroyed, and the human race will go the way of the dodo.
Today, in the Age of Aquarius, our culture is outdated. My political agenda is to turn a culture based on lies, fear, risk aversion, control, and hypocrisy into a culture based on truth, trust, love, affection, and pleasure. It is to eliminate the culture of misandry and prudery, and replace it with a culture of masculism, nudism, and recreational pleasure. Our current dominant culture is unlikely to attract people in the new age. It creates a barrier of entry similar to the ancient demand that only Jews were permitted to receive the doctrine of Jesus Christ. To be successful in this day and age, we must move past a judgmental culture, which is based on lies, fear, control, and hypocrisy, and usher in a sophisticated culture, which is based on truth, trust, love, and pleasure. One day, we will usher in a society free of false ideologies. This is what my political agenda is about.

Here some of the lies of the feminists:

"The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the
liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women to
leave their husbands and not to live individually with men... All of history
must be re-written in terms of oppression of women. We must go back to ancient
female religions like witchcraft." ("The Declaration of Feminism," November
"In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them." (Dr. Mary Jo Bane, assistant professor of education at Wellesley College and associate director of the school's Center for Research on Woman)
"We can't destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage." - from Sisterhood Is Powerful, Robin Morgan (ed), 1970, p.537.
"Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage" (Sheila Cronan, 1988 Houston National Organization for Women {NOW} Conference for Women.).
"MALE:...represents a variant of or deviation from the category of female. The first males were mutants...the male sex represents a degeneration and deformity of the female. obsolete life form... an ordinary creature who needs to be watched...a contradictory baby-man..." From 'A feminist Dictionary; ed. Kramarae and Triechler, Pandora Press, 1985:

The arguments of men's rights activists (MRAs) are not met with counter-arguments. They are met with false allegations, shaming language, insults, police threats, death threats, blackmail, violence, censure, censorship, fabricated criminal charges, vandalism, murder, imprisonment, vandalism, banhammering, and other calumny.

Breaking the Lies

There is a big gap between true wisdom and conventional wisdom. This tells you the difference between what conventional wisdom teaches and what I know. What I know is close to the true wisdom.

Short hair is better than long hair. — LIE
That is what the media is telling us. The truth about this is stated in the previous Tedius Zanarukando doctrine entry. It tells you that long hair is the only way to go for women. The benefits of long hair outweigh the disadvantages. Women wore their hair long for ages, and that was true then, and it is true now. — TRUE

Short hair is more manageable than long hair. — LIE
Long hair does not require the maintenance, such as the frequent cutting and fussing and blow-drying, that short hair requires. Therefore, when it gets down to it, long hair is easier to manage than short hair. — TRUTH

Short hair is easier on the finances than long hair. — LIE
Long hair is cheaper to maintain than short hair. Short hair requires frequent trips to the hairdresser and assistance to maintain. It requires all the fuss and mousse to maintain. Long hair is good for the economy and it is also more eco-friendly. — TRUTH

Long hair causes headaches. — LIE
Hair is part of your body, not your brain, and long hair weighs in a manner of ounces. — TRUTH

Short hair is sleek and long hair is pathetic. — LIE
Long hair on women has long been praised through history until World War I. Short hair is what is pathetic and unfeminine, and the hair fashion industry is corrupt. — TRUTH

Women over 40 should wear their hair short. — LIE
There is no age limit for long hair. There is no logical reason that women should wear her hair shorter as she ages. There are many cultures worldwide where women of any age wear their hair long. In Western society before World War I, the older the woman was, the longer her hair. One thing that led people to be believe that lie is the introduction of curler sets and chemically permed styles after World War II. — TRUTH

Consumption of 100% fruit juice is linked to increased risk of obesity. — LIE
The risk of obesity was not significantly different between consumers and nonconsumers of 100% fruit juice. — TRUTH

Women have been oppressed more than men. — LIE
It is men who were oppressed more than women, and the notion that women were oppressed throughout western history only serves to stir up misandry. Science, medicine, technology, and men liberated women, not feminism. — TRUTH

Women were unfairly kept out of the workplace. — LIE
Women entered the workplace out of propaganda influence. — TRUTH

Domestic violence against women is at an all-time high and climbing. — LIE
That is what feminists and the media say. The rate of violence against women has declined at 43% between 1993 and 2003, from 41 to 19 victimizations per 1,000 women. Believing what feminists and the media say about domestic violence is like believing what the tobacco industry says about cancer. — TRUTH

Men are more domestically violent towards women than vice versa. — LIE
Only women are offered an alternative to domestic violence, and women who killed their husbands appeared to be defenseless victims and are presumed heroines. — TRUTH

95% of domestic violence incidents are perpetrated by men against women. — LIE
45% to 55% of domestic violence incidents are perpetrated by women against men. — TRUTH

"Intimate partner homicide is the leading cause of death for African-American women ages 15 to 45", says Attorney General Eric Holder — LIE
Domestic violence myths help no one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Justice Department's own Bureau of Justice Statistics, the leading causes of death of African-American women between the ages of 15 and 45 are cancer (especially breast cancer), heart disease, accidental injuries like automobile accidents and aviation accidents, and HIV diseases. Homicides come in fifth place and includes murders by strangers, not intimates. In 2006, several hundred African-American women died from intimate partner homicide, but far less than 6,800 women who died from other causes. — TRUTH

Over 25% of women will be raped in their lives. — LIE
What the government and the media do not tell you is that the vast majority of allegations of rape of women by men made to the police are false. — TRUTH

Men earn more money than women for the same jobs at the same rate. — LIE
That is an example of how the media orchestrates campaigns of misandry. That is like saying that Caucasians earn more money than African Americans for the same jobs at the same rate. Women do not deserve equal pay because they are not prepared to do equal jobs at equal pace. What the media does not tell you is that women on average usually work at a lesser rate at than men. One of the three Trojan horses of feminism is that where there is a difference in a society between male and female roles, they ignore the real causes and disguise the difference always as evidence of patriarchal oppression and discrimination against women and demand compensatory programs. That Trojan horse is also what fascist uses. — TRUTH

Feminism liberated women. — LIE
Feminism has done hardly anything for women; it is science, medicine, technology, and men who liberated women. — TRUTH

Women are smarter than men. — LIE
Actually, men are potentially smarter than women. Male students are shortchanged in academic performance because the feminists arranged the education system to stage the gap. The purpose behind teaching children to read and white using the holistic approach was to disadvantage male students. — TRUTH

Women are safer drivers than men. — LIE
Actually, it is vice versa. Car insurance companies offer cheaper insurance premiums for women only for the sake of being women, and because fewer women than men drive. According to John Hopkins School of Medicine, men are involved in fewer automobile accidents than women despite the fact that men constitute most drivers on the road. Women drive less than men and get involved in more automobile accidents within that amount of time. Women's automobile insurance is subsidized by men. Women are also less aware of traffic violations and are allowed to get away with traffic violations. If women drive at the same extent as men, women will much more likely die in automobile accidents. — TRUTH

Violent video games desensitize individuals into violence and criminal acts. — LIE
There is no conclusive scientific evidence to back up this media claim; most criminals serving time for violent crime consume less media before committing their crimes than the general population; and the juvenile deliquency rate has declined between 1970 and 2008. Most studies that back up the said media claim are derived from laboratory settings, which are notorious for producing skewed results.  Censorship is not the answer to crime or violence in society. — TRUTH

Video games are the cultural cause of societal problems. — LIE
It is feminism that is the cultural cause of societal problems. — TRUTH

Video games were better in the 1980s. — LIE
That is purely elitism, which does not work. That mentality is dinosaur-like and teaches backward and pessimistic thinking, and it is nothing but scapegoating technological advancement for hindering what they think is the most important aspect. Retroists have failed to fit in with society and to adapt to the changes. That is just merely a distortion to satisfy retroists, who are always pessimistic. Mainstream culture has magnified the scope of video gaming by a long shot. Video games were better in the 1990s than they were in 1980s. In an NES game, the graphics served their purpose. The return to 8-bit style gaming can only lead to divided opinions, and it is divisive anachronism. When 16-bit came along, everyone was pleased with the technological evolution. Graphics do not break a game. Elitist retroists are nothing but pessimists. Newer video games offer us a vision of how we built on top of the ideas, what we have added, and where the ideas are taking us. — TRUTH

Gameplay is more important than presentation. — LIE
Many gamers claim that great realistic graphics are unimportant aspects of a game in the face of great gameplay. Some point to Mega Man 9 and WarioWare: Smooth Moves for examples, but they are wrong. The only reason why Mega Man 9 may have succeeded is the nostalgia factor. Real-time raytracing will replace GPU rasterization, making it cheap to produce photorealistic graphics. – TRUTH

Exposure to nudity causes psychological harm. — LIE
Being clothed does not keep children safe. Scientific studies show that the said myth is unsubstantiated. There is no evidence of psychological harm in exposure to nudity in the media. Exposure to nudity is actually beneficial. — TRUTH

Female beauty is harmful to children. — LIE
There is absolutely no scientific evidence to devise prove this claim. Female beauty is more uplifting than any form of art. — TRUTH

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I will not play Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl will go on sale tomorrow in North America, where I live. It was developed by Sora Ltd. and published by Nintendo. It has been the most anticipated next generation game of all time among established Nintendo fans.

However, I have decided to reject the game for the following reasons:

  • Lack of female newcomers
  • Lyndis as an Assist Trophy
  • Little Mac as an Assist Trophy
  • Isaac as an Assist Trophy
  • Lack of representation of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
  • Lack of downloadable content feature
  • Not enough Fire Emblem characters in the playable roster
  • Overall bad roster

I was a big fan of the Super Smash Bros. series. Super Smash Bros. Melee was my favorite GameCube game. Marth's appearance in the game led me to become a fan of the Fire Emblem series, which happened to become my favorite Nintendo game series. The character I most wanted was my favorite Nintendo character, Ayra from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu. I wanted Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu to be represented in the game, but unfortunately, it did not happen.

My decision to reject Super Smash Bros. Brawl is controversial. I have been criticized for it.

Lyndis was announced as an Assist Trophy on September 11, 2007, six years after 9/11. That is the fundamental reason why I will not play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Little Mac was announced as an Assist Trophy on October 18, 2007.

Therefore, my campaign for Super Smash Bros. 4 has begun. It should be called Super Smash Bros. Fracas. Lyndis, Little Mac, Isaac, Samurai Goroh, Waluigi, Saki Amamiya, and Gray Fox have been nominated in Super Smash Bros. 4 as playable characters. Super Smash Bros. 4 will be my comeback Smash Bros. game.


For the GameFAQs poll of March 9, 2008, entitled "Got SSBB?", there are five choices:

  1. Yes, I had a pre-order waiting for me.
  2. Yes, I got it off the shelf.
  3. No, I'll buy it later this week.
  4. No, I haven't decided whether or not to buy it.
  5. No, I'll never buy it.

26.65% of participants voted for option no. 1. 7.44% voted for option no. 2. 18.72% voted for option no. 3. 17.82% voted for option no. 4. 29.37%, including me, voted for option no. 5.

I have been criticized for my decision to reject Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They called me names and use profanity against me.

One quote at this thread at

Dude your nuts. I bet your one of those people who:Want the game to be called
super smash sisters.Want all the male characters out.Wanted Krystal (meh)
and Midna (GOD OH GOD NO!)

No, none of the claims above are true with me, except that I wanted Krystal. Marth and Sigurd are required in order to have Ayra. We cannot have Krystal in the roster without Fox.

I will campaign for the following characters to appear in Super Smash Bros. 4 as playable characters (in rank order, starting from most wanted):

  1. Ayra (from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu)
  2. Lyndis (from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken) - appeared in Brawl as an Assist Trophy
  3. Sigurd (from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu)
  4. Krystal (from Star Fox Adventures) - appeared in Brawl as a regular trophy
  5. Little Mac (from Punch-Out!) - appeared in Brawl as an Assist Trophy
  6. Jody Summer (from F-Zero X)
  7. Samurai Goroh (from F-Zero) - appeared in Brawl as an Assist Trophy
  8. Black Shadow (from F-Zero X)
  9. Leon (from Star Fox 64)
  10. Waluigi (from Mario Tennis) - appeared in Brawl as an Assist Trophy
  11. Takamaru (Nazo no Murasamejou)
  12. Isaac (Golden Sun) - appeared in Brawl as an Assist Trophy
  13. Saki Amamiya (from Sin and Punishment) - appeared in Brawl as an Assist Trophy
  14. King K. Rool (from Donkey Kong Country)
  15. Geno (from Super Mario RPG)
  16. Mallow (from Super Mario RPG)

For the voice acting, Aleisia Glidewell or her Japanese counterpart Aya Hara will reprise her role as the voice of Krystal in Brawl. Aya Hara would act out the motion capture. Whoever voiced Lyndis in Brawl will reprise the role in Super Smash Bros. 4. I suggest that Suzuka Ohgo of Memoirs of a Geisha fame be the voice of Ayra. Super Smash Bros. 4 should be released in Japan on January 31, 2018.

Friday, March 7, 2008

TZ doctrine tenet #1b: Honor Cinderella

Women must not wear trousers.

The Bible says, "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God." (Deuteronomy 22:5).

Figuratively, women have shattered the glass ceiling and broke their glass slippers in the process. This generation of women is called the "Lost Cinderella Generation." We men will soon see the last of the "Lost Cinderella Generation." The remnants of that generation will be converted. Unfortunately, the female fashion industry has gone the way of Anakin Skywalker. It has shifted toward a more unisex style of dress, thus women with long hair and in skirts are probably in the minority, and women with short hair and in trousers are probably in the majority. That will change one day.

Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, since the late 19990s, the majority of women worldwide wear trousers most of the time. I disapprove of women in trousers (or pants in the U.S.), just as I disapprove of short hair for women. I believe that it is wrong for women to wear trousers or for any employer or institution to require them to do so. Trousers hurt femininity, hence masculinizing. Women should wear skirts or dresses (whether long or short), with tights in the winter and bare legs in the summer.

Although every generation alters the aspects and details of life, the basic values and assumptions of life have remained unaltered for centuries. But in the Babyboomer Generation, Generation X, and Generation Y, this can no longer be assumed to be true. Since the very beginning of human civilization, it has always been accepted that clothing, as well as hairstyle, is one of the important elements in refinement, and that everyone is obligated to look as attractive to the opposite sex as possible at all times. However, this was true in the 19th century, but not today in the 21st century. Not only are there are many people today who lack pride in their appearance, but there are also many people, especially women, who deliberately try to look as unattractive as possible. How embarrassing. That prevalence will soon end. Also, women should no longer be employed in manufacturing.

Women began to wear trousers in the 1970s, through the pressures of feminism and the placement of women in the workforce. Women have been wearing trousers since World War II, because many women were employed in manufacturing warehouses, where trousers are practical. After World War II, trousers remained an item in female apparel, but they were rarely worn back then. In the 1970s, the rising influence of the feminist movement persuaded women to try to look as much like men as possible. Some years now, trousers have been a uniform to be worn everyday. Since recent years, I have been very disappointed about this. I was unaware of that during my childhood. If one walks down the streets of New York City or London, England, the proportion of women in trousers to women in skirts is 10 to 1. In Paris, France, that proportion is 5 to 1, and many of the best-dressed women in France never wear trousers in town.

I used to be a client in a workforce training center that requires women to wear trousers. I found that horrible and displeasing. Several female clients at the training center disagree with the staff on this. The staff should require female clients to wear long skirts with boots and leggings under them, not trousers. When working in a factory, instead of trousers, women should wear long skirts, but with leggings and boots under them. Then I have been working at Walgreens Distribution Center wear women are forbidden to wear skirts, which they really should wear.

Like short hair, trousers are very unflattering to women, but most women lack this vision. Trousers are designed for the male human body, which is most like straight-lined, not the female one, which consists of curves. Trousers actually deform the female human body. They emphasize every inch of women's lower bodies. They create tomboyish, feminist thoughts in women's brains, and it can lead to short hair. Millions of women who would look attractive in skirts are embarrassingly unattractive in trousers.

Finally, trousers are unattractive to men, while skirts are attractive to men. Skirts are sexy, while trousers are unsexy. Many women, like former Fool's Gold member Katiroth, wear trousers because they think their legs look bad. This is a mistake, because female legs are sexy.
Dresses and skirts are more comfortable than trousers. Dresses and skirts are easier to move around in and are much less restrictive. Trousers encumber women's legs and are more difficult to iron or move around in. With long skirts, women can hide whatever they want to hide. Men act more like gentlemen when you women fashion yourselves the feminine way. Long skirts are cheaper to make and to buy than trousers too. Long skirts are the most feminine. Therefore, long hair and long dresses/skirts are easier on the finances than short hair and trousers. Pants wear out quicker than skirts. Also, pants do not allow air to flow through a woman's midsection. Skirts and dresses allow air to circulate.

Most importantly, men are more attracted to women in skirts than women in trousers, both literally and figuratively. Wearing trousers is like wearing one's hair short. Wearing trousers is like prescribing to a false ideology. Likewise, wearing skirts is like wearing one's hair long. The analogy is: Crewcut hair style is to trousers, as long hair style is to skirts. Women know men prefer them to wear skirts, yet women deliberately wear trousers. Women wearing their hair short or wearing trousers are both hostile behavior, and those behaviors fly against common sense and the normal desire to please. Most importantly, those behaviors fly against one of the basic elements of human civilization, which is trying to look as attractive as possible.

The idea of women wearing trousers has facts and history against it. Women never wore trousers until the 20th century. First, male and female specific clothing distinctly differed from each other during Biblical times. Deuteronomy 22:5 stating that women must not fashion themselves after men and vice versa made sense to the Israelites. During Biblical times, men wore robes and women's dresses were distinctly different. In the days of the New Testament, including Jesus' time, Roman soldiers were trousers, thus trousers were known and worn only by men, not by women. For centures in the Church, men wore trousers and women wore dresses. This has become established in Christian culture as one of the principal differences in male and female attire. Only since the 1970s has this difference faded into obscurity. Padre Pio refuses to hear the confession of women who wore trousers. Deuteronomy 22:5 specifically rules out unisex fashion. Even if many women wore the same thing men wore in ancient times, this Scripture is still true today. When the Mary the mother of Jesus appears in apparitions, she always wears a dress and never trousers. All images and statues of Mary throughout the history of Christianity have her wear a dress and never trousers. When visiting the Pope or the Vatican, women are forbidden to wear trousers and they are required to wear headcovering. When George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, and First Lady Laura Bush went to visit Pope Benedict XVI, Laura Bush wore a dress and headcovering. Some religious groups like the Apostolic faith, still retain by insight that women should fashion themselves the feminine way, not the masculine way. Clothing, as well as grooming, also sends a message to society, such as expression of role and conduct. Even in this corrupt society, clothing is associated with positions, such as police officer, judges, priests, monks, and nuns. Women are not meant to have the same roles and behaviors as men. Clothing is an indicator and expression of that difference. The more important thing is correct roles and behaviors for men and women. A woman who wears trousers identifies herself with a culture of sexual perversion and idolatry. When women began to wear pants, American and European cultures have since deteriorated into a state of sexual libidinosity.

Clearly, women should fashion themselves the feminine way (such as long hair and skirts), not the masculine way. Women fashioning themselves the masculine way, such as wearing their hair short and or wearing trousers, is evidently an offense to the very order which God built into his Creation and human nature. Women no longer care about pleasing men, and many women only care about pleasing themselves. This is a tenet of radical feminist dogma, but it is certainly not the way to attract or charm men. This behavior has led to high rates of divorce in the western world. Women are deliberating violating the normal desire to please. They are deliberately going the way that is opposite to what men like, and rushing like lemmings on a sartorial cliff, but that is hostile behavior. That flies against common sense. Most importantly that goes against one of the basic elements of civilization, that is, always trying to look one's best. I have a dream that one day, women will stop fashioning themselves the masculine way for good.

Black is the most popular color in clothing. 60% of clothes sold in the United States and Great Britain are in this color. Black clothing makes women look slimmer, while white clothing makes them look fatter. Therefore, I prefer that women wear black or dark-colored dresses.

Wearing skirts with bare legs may or may not recommended, for they are considered by some men to be more masculine. In my opinion, bare legs are an option, especially women in their 20s. Bare legs are not recommended for women over 40, unless they have black or brown skin. If your legs look good, you should show them off. If you women prefer to wear bare legs, you should shave or wax and moisturize them daily. If you have bug bites, frost bites, or bruises on your legs, you should wear opaque tights or leggings. When it comes to race, in dressy events, women should wear tights or pantyhose if they have white skin, or go bare legged if they have black, brown, or olive skin.


Consider this YouTube video: Women Wearing Pants by Late Bishop G.E. Patterson.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

TZ Doctrine tenet #1a: Honor Rapunzel

A woman shorn is a woman stripped of desire and desirability and most of everything else.

March is Female History Month, and in honor of this, I am focusing my blog on the TZ doctrine concerning women. I do not like women as much as anything else I like, but that does not mean that I am a misogynist. The allure of the female sex is at stake. Women must wear the hair long, not short.

Less is not always more, and that is so true with hair length. It is a myth that short hair is better than long hair on women. It may appear to be true, but the reverse of the myth is actually true. The truth is that short hair is for men and children, and long hair is for women. The perceived disadvantages of long hair can be easily overcome without having to lose the long hair. I am not saying that long hair is better than short hair just because it looks better, but because I am telling you the big picture of this argument. Women (especially Chinese women) must not fashion themselves after men; that is immoral and unscriptural. It conflicts with Deuteronomy 22:5. Therefore, women must keep their locks. For a woman, long hair is about being honest with oneself, and loving and honoring oneself, and short hair is about cheating with oneself, and hating dishonoring oneself. Long hair allows a woman to be her true self and liberates her from transient and deceptive fashions. Women with short hair pretend to be something they are really not. Long hair is like acceptance of nature, and short hair is like rejection of nature.

We are living in the age of the Lost Rapunzel Generation. It is a shame that far too many young women have given in to the hideous short hair trend, thus chopping off their locks in the name of fashion; thus that fashion trend is hideous, destructive, divisive, unfeminine, and immoral. It is a shame that far too many young women wear their hair boyishly short and that there are far too few women with super long hair. Far too many women have been talked into short hair. I am growing more and more tired of women chopping off their locks. I have witnessed it on the job and in the media. I have observed it in the media and on the Internet for years, and it is a great shame. What is worse is that the mainstream fashion media, including many fashion Web sites, message board users, YouTube, hair fashion magazines, and makeover shows, falsely advocate short hair for women. When use the search engine on women's hair length, what I may expect is sites or comments that favor or advocate short hair (let alone boyish hairstyle or shaved head) for women. That material is based on myths. I strongly disapprove of female haircutting and headshaving, and advocation of such practice. I will one day crackdown on such fashion practice on behalf of men who love women with long hair; I do not believe in romantic love any way. It is time for the fashion industry to change its attitude toward very long hair for women.

For thousands of years, all around the world, women have been known for their beauty and very long hair. Very long hair on women was highly praised until World War I. Time was spent on washing and drying that beautiful long hair in various ways. In recent times, since World War I, women have been going for progressively shorter styles, going from below knee length, to waist length, then to chin length (or bob), then finally to boyish hairstyles, which is an unmitigated disaster. This will change one day, when women will go back to the hair lengths they had before World War I.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, the idea of short hair for women dates back to the 1920s, 50 years before I was born, and it is still going on today. At first, it was revolutionary and embraced by the rich leisure class while rejected among the conservatives as daring, and it eliminated the emphasis on hair and shifted it to facial features. Also there was the freeing of the body, thus being unbound to the corsets that deformed the body and deterred correct breathing and digestion. In the 1930s and 1940s, short hair on women gained popularity among the more conservative and predominant middle-class and lower-class. During the Great Depression, when women began to get their real mark into the workforce, short hair was then necessary. As cultural shifts progressed through the late 20th century, boyish hairstyles, originally associated with counter-cultural movements, again challenged the definition of female beauty and what constitutes it. Today, in the early 21st century, very short hair became the norm for women of all ages, even vicenarians (or those in their 20s), and that hair length is no longer held to be a sign of gender identity. Instead, this practice has gone mainstream in the name of fashion, career, and myths of practicality. Hair length then became a matter of personal preference rather than common sense. However, this causes gender confusion, which eventually leads to societal collapse. Therefore, societies are worse off with the aforementioned cultural shifts of the 20th century. Millions of women, especially in North America and Great Britain, have been deceived to cut off their beautiful long tresses, becoming increasingly indistinguishable from their male counterparts. Therefore, the female sex is losing its allure, thus alienating the male sex and dividing mankind. As part of my political agenda, these cultural shifts of the 20th century will be reversed throughout the 21st century. The practice of short hair for women will come to an end, because it is divisive and eventually leads to societal collapse.

Many people assume that short hair is chic, sleek, and versatile. They believe that short hair is more versatile. Many people believe that mothers, women over 30, and professional women should have short hair. When there is advice on women's fashion, many times it favors short hair. They think long hair is pathetic, unsanitary, impractical, or even dangerous. Usually when a woman goes from long to short, it happens to be difficult to think about returning to long.

I am not going against short hair for women just because most men find it less attractive, but because of a more real reason. One thing is that short hair and trousers symbolize adherence to feminist dogma, which is destructive and divisive. It is said that a short hair cut will change a person. This practice will more likely have a negative effect on the woman's personality. Women who opt to go short will regret their decision later in life. Many women cut their hair short mostly on frivolous grounds. An alarming rate of women have been rushing to the salon to chop off their beautiful long tresses on frivolous grounds. Impending motherhood is a frivolous reason for going from long to short

These teachings are erroneous. Those who favor or advocate short hair for women were brainwashed. The truth is that long hair is the only way to go for women, especially Chinese and Indian women, regardless of face shape and physique. Short hair is overrated, and it is a curse for women. It is not the female way. A short hairstyle will curse a woman, and it will be immoral. Especially for Indian women and women of East Asian descent. Also, I prefer super long hair, such as knee length, on women, but super long hair is massively underrated and got a very bad rap. Jesus' mother Mary is a model of how women should fashion themselves; Mary wore her hair long and wore a dress. Some erroneously believe that super long hair is unattractive, but that idea started in the 1900s. I do not support that message at all. Super long hair is nothing new, and it was the cultural norm for women in America before World War I. I believe that super long hair is the most attractive hairstyle ever, and that longer is better. Anyone who thinks the opposite in this case is evil. Henceforth, short hair fans are evil. I personally prefer super long hair on non-African-American women, and I love it. Contrary to what we might expect and what many women and the media believe, super long hair is actually low-maintenance. The advantages of long hair outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, grow your hair long!

Millions of women have been deceptively talked into short hair. Their passion and desire for long hair have been sabotaged by so-called "beauty experts" (or givers of false fashion advice) The idea of short hair for women is not only condoned, but it is also promoted. It has been promoted in magazines, makeover shows, and, of course, the Internet. I have observed this idea of several fashion sites, in message boards, and at YouTube. The short hair styles that makeover shows give those clients are too trendy and high-maintenance. There should be no more of that long hair being made over to short hair, and no more makeover shows that frown upon long hair.

It is a myth that long hair is very heavy and causes headaches. Haircutting is not the answer, although it may appear to be so. Long hair itself does not cause headaches. Hair is part of your body, not your brain. Headaches are just a mere excuse to cut off one's long hair. Ponytails might cause headaches to some women. Long hair weighs in a manner of ounces. This necessitation for haircutting can be debunked

I am sick of those advices saying "lose the long hair" or "short hair is better." Those advices are false and dangerous. I am sick of that article at "Brotherly Advice for Asian Women", which tells you to "lose the long hair." That "Lose the Long Hair" section is dangerous, demeaning, divisive, destructive, and deceptive. Long hair is highly and sadly underrated. The fashion industry is a mess. Long hair is not tacky or dangerous. It is aesthetic. Short hair is massively overrated, and it is not really aesthetic. They have been far too many young women with short hair and not enough women with very long hair. For that "Brother Advice for Asian Women", Asian women look excellent with long hair, and they look embarrassingly unattractive with short hair, and seemingly indistinguisable from the male counterparts with boyish haircuts. Super long hair is very popular in China and India, countries where daughters are often unwanted. One day, I will try to crackdown on this short hair madness. There have been too many makeover shows that discourage long hair. The reasons these shows give in this regard are frivolous. It is time to change that. Long hair never goes out of style. The short hair styles forced upon otherwise attractive women on makeover shows are usually high-maintenance. One other thing is that the fashion industry is conflicting with Isaiah 5:20 in some way, calling beautiful ugly and ugly beautiful.

Unfortunately, women no longer care about pleasing men, and many women only care about pleasing themselves. They have gone too far to make themselves unattractive to men. Many women no longer bother to look attractive, and many women deliberately try to look as unattractive as possible. This may be a tenet of the radical feminist doctrine, but it is certainly not the way to attract or charm men. Relying on personality alone is not the way to attract or charm men either. Most women know that most men prefer women with long hair, yet they deliberately cut their hair short and keep it short. Women are deliberately behaving in a way that is opposite of what men would like, and that is hostile behavior. They have also been deceived by social pressure. Women cutting and keeping their hair short is certainly hostile behavior. This practice flies against common sense, and flies against the normal human desire to please. Most importantly it goes against one of the basic elements of civilization, that is, always trying to look one's best. One day, women will stop cutting their hair short.

Today's society is cursed with outdated beliefs and misconceptions. People do not naturally think that short hair is better than long hair for women. Those who think in favor of short hair are brainwashed to think so. It is a myth that mothers, women over 30 (or sometimes 40), and professional women should have hair no longer than shoulder length. Many people assume that long hair is something that only young females should have, and when they grow up (usually when women get married or have children) it is expected that women cut off their long hair. Also, some women, like Judy K at Yahoo Canada Answers, believe that hair longer than shoulder length is better left to teenage girls. However, those assumptions are divisive and promote teenage romance. Actually, short hair is better left to females of unmarriageable age, while long hair is better left for female of marriageable age. If you are a mother with infant or toddler children, you should pin up your hair, not cut it short. It has been historically considered unacceptable for women over 30 to have long hair, but that rule is bogus. Some sources state that women over 30 (or sometimes 40) should keep their hair short. It is a myth that long hair is difficult for women over 40 to wear, and that it draws the facial features downward. The fact is that long hair has no age limit. Actor Jane Seymour and singer Crystal Gayle have proven that women over 40 can look stunning with long locks. With long hair, a woman's beauty is timeless. Some people believe that women will be taken more seriously with short hair than with long hair. Some people believe that long hair will sabotage a woman's career. However, those beliefs are outdated. Women can succeed in a professional career with long hair. However, long hair would have to be rolled back in a ponytail or pinned up. Hair shorter than shoulder length is not sexy. Long hair is sexy, versatile, aesthetic, wonderful to have, and it has no age limit. If you cut off your long hair, you reduce your hairdo options, and the angels weep and deprive you of their strength. Short hair fashion will one day come to an end.

Female fashion must not resemble traditional male fashion, and otherwise it is hostile behavior. Sadly, the female fashion industry has, on a grand scale, crossed the femininity line. That is a reason why men are getting afraid to get married, and that is also one of my reasons why I do not believe in romantic love. Long hair is the only way to go for women, especially women of East Asian and Indian descent. Many women in North America and East Asia cut their hair short on frivolous grounds; that is outrageous. People make the assumption that cutting a woman's hair short is part of growing up (such as when they get married or have children), but that assumption is a myth. People make the assumption that short hair indicates more wealth, more professionalism, more power, and more polish, but that is a myth. Pointing out dynamic, successful looking long-haired women on television and in magazines help us alleviate the stereotypes between long hair and short hair. Women can succeed with long hair. Age, weather, and social status are irrelevant for long hair. Short hair is for little girls, but long hair is for mature women. My mother has long hair, and she is in her 60's.

Short hairstyle is actually more seductive to the wearer, but not easier to take care of. Once you women get made over from long hair to short hair, short hair can forever dominate your fashion destiny, and peer pressure can be a powerful enemy. The effects of female haircutting are powerful and dangerous, not only for men but also for women themselves. Your personality and diet will also change in the long run. You will become stricter and less and less nice. You will eat a less and less healthy diet. Hair reflects your health. If you women go from long to short, you will lose your health conscience and ultimately social power. If you want social power and gain health conscience, then grow your hair long. Everytime a woman goes from long to short, an angel weeps and a demon laughs.

Long hair encourages a healthy diet while short hair tolerates unheathly diet. Wives with long hair will be more likely to outlive their husbands than wives with short hair when they reach old age. Women with long hair are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer, including breast and ovarian cancer, than bald women and those with short hair. Female haircutting also magnifies externalism (or looksism), and makes it more rampant. There is also a false preconception that long hair is too heavy and high-maintenance. If you have short hair, you only got fewer hairdo options, and you have to look in the mirror to get the hair to look right. If you have long hair, you have many hairdo and styling options, and you do not have to look in the mirror to get the hair to look right. Long hair does not need to be washed or brushed as frequently as short hair. Advocates of short hair believe that long hair requires more shampooing and conditioning. However, that is not so. Shampooing does not need to be applied to the entire length of the hair. Short hair allows hair-dyeing, which is hazardous, and long hair is usually not dyed. Long hair creates the illusion of a slender face, whereas short hair creates the illusion of a fat face.

Long hair is an integral part of a woman's appearance, enhancing her splendor. It is a woman's crowning glory. Studies around the world indicate that men almost always prefer women with long hair across all aspects of most societies. Long hair can be easily wearable, despite busy schedules of many women. There is no excuse to rush off to the salon and cut off that beautiful long hair on frivolous grounds (such as being "tired of getting compliments about one's long hair" or being told that "you look so much better with short hair than with long hair" or "you will be taken more seriously if you go short") or social pressure or in the name of fashion. Short hair makes women look far too conservative. Most women look beautiful and attractive with long hair and look embarrassingly unattractive with short hair, but many believe otherwise (but that is what feminists have us believe). Long hair gives social power to a woman. Women with long hair unite people, and they enhance families, other groups, and the surrounding world.

Many women think about cutting their long hair short when they get pregnant. Impending motherhood is an invalid reason to cut off one's long hair. Pregnancy is wonderful for a woman's hair. Long hair can be an excellent toy for a woman's children. Women who are around children who like to tug hair should pin up their long hair, not cut it short. Women should stop wasting money and effort on keeping their hair short. Instead, they should spend money on hair accessories. Children also love long hair. Female haircutting shocks men and children.

The traditional hair salons make their money on short hairstyle. That is the only reason why their encourage women to wear and keep their hair short. Short hair needs to be cut more often, and the more haircuts mean the more money the salon makes. That does not stop there. Soon you get your hair permed and/or colored to make it look as the salon wishes. This is not only damaging to your hair, but it is also expensive. Many women who give in to traditional salons become enslaved to their stylists and the fashion trends. This is why traditional hair salons do not care whether you women want to grow your hair long. Hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars per year have been spent on female haircutting.

Japanese women have been cutting off their beautiful long hair and dye it an unpleasant blonde, light brown, red, or pink color; that is horrible. Japanese women look best with their hair long and undyed. Chemical dye is also harmful. Also, many Asian women want to look like Caucasians. I am also against that, because I believe that we should have pride in our own race.

Hair is a reflection of overall health. Long hair encourages nutrition and healthy lifestyle. It communicates good health and reproductive fitness. Short hair is an indicator of health unconsciousness. Women with long hair are usually health conscious, while women with short hair usually have unhealthy or mediocre diets and gain weight and sometimes fall ill, and only few of them do otherwise. How you look reflects how you feel. If you cut your hair short, your feelings will be negatively affected by that haircut in the long run, and you will regret it. Female haircutting is divisive and lends itself to negative comparison of the female sex.

You women learn to enjoy long hair. Long hair is more of a blessing than a curse, and short hair is a more of a curse than a blessing. Long hair is beautiful, elegant (or chic), and versatile, and super long hair is even more so. Natural long hair is the best decoration of a woman. Long hair is much more versatile than short hair, despite what many say. It offers many different looks. It shows how well a woman can take of herself. It gives a woman a unique and enchanting allure that nothing can replace. You can do many things with long hair, such as playing with it. It gives women many options when it comes to styling and making new appearances. Long hair can easily be designed and done for any occasion. With long hair, women can create a variety of hairdos, from perms to curls to braids to up-dos, with simple styles and fashionable accessories. The longer the hair, the more hairdos women can create. Long hair provides women a carefree freedom that is balanced by the need of hair accessories, styling products, and a little bit of effort. Long hair does not have to be washed and styled as often as short hair. Long hair does not require the maintenance (like frequent cutting and trimming, fussing, daily setting, and styling) that short hair requires. With long hair, you will not have to look in the mirror to get the hair to look right. The Bible encourages women to wear their hair long. Women with long hair are also good for the economy. Most people assume that if only a little bit of hair requires up to 10 or 15 minutes of preparation every morning, then long hair requires much more. They assume that five minutes of hot rollers and or flat-ironing in the morning for shoulder length hair must correspond to 45 minutes minutes to an hour for super long hair. However, in reality, the exact opposite is true: Super long hair does not require such maintenance. When it comes to long hair, you should comb it, not brush it.

People think that short hair is more sophisticated than long hair, but that is a myth. It is a myth that short hair is easier to take care of than long hair. Unfortunately, wearing short hair can be addictive, not wanting to return to long hair. I will try hard to encourage short hair women who had long hair before to return to long hair. Going from long hair to short hair is like turning to the dark side of the Force. It is difficult to return to long hair once who you have gone short, just as it is difficult to return to the light side of the Force once a Jedi turns to the dark side of the Force and becomes a Sith. Therefore, for women, long hair and short hair are analagous to the light and dark sides of the Force respectively. When one goes from long to short, then one might say "I'll never go back to long hair." Once you go from long hair to short hair, you may feel locked into short hair, but you will regret it later. You must train yourself to change your mind and get on the road back to long hair. I recommend joining the message board.

Long hair is such a wonderful thing for women to wear. It is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also beautiful to have. Many women think could grow their hair long because they think they would not be able to handle it. When it comes down to it, contrary to what we might expect and what many women believe, long hair is actually easier to take care of and to show off to best advantage than short hair. Long hair does not have to stand in front of a mirror trying to get it to look right. Short hair requires advanced maintenance more than long hair does. states, "Long hair does not require the frequent trimming cutting and trimming, the daily setting, fussing, and styling which short hair requires." This is and has always been very true. Long hair is cheaper than short hair. Women with long hair do not have to visit hairdressers, because they can grab the ends of the hair and trim them off. Women with short hair often visit hairdressers regularly and spend at least $15 to $20 per salon visit. Women with long hair might visit the salon occassionally, and that is only if they found a hairstylist they can trust. The salons make money off of false advice that leads to short hair. The money the women with short hair spend at the salon, the women with long hair spend on beautiful things to decorate their hair. For maintenance, long hair (bra strap length to waist length) and super long hair (butt length or longer) are like "wash it, let it dry, and you're done." Short hair (and medium hair (shoulder length) requires lot of manicuring (curling, spray or mousse, and frequent trips to the salon). Long hair does not need to be shampooed daily, but for women short hair does. One bottle of shampoo can last a long haired woman 11 weeks. Boyish haircut is even more expensive to maintain than feminine short haircuts, for it requires more hairdresser appointments to keep the neck "shag" shaved off and trimming around the ears. The longer the mane, the better, for it enables a myriad of hairdos in less time as possible. I expect at least bra strap length, but I prefer mid-thigh length or longer. I also prefer that women wear their hair cascading down the shoulders when possible.

Long hair saves women money, and contrary to popular belief, it is better for business than short hair. Authority and professionalism have nothing to do with hair length. Women with long hair spend less money and consume less gasoline than women with short hair, thus having looser budgets and they are better drivers. Women with long hair are good for the economy. Money is better spent on scalp massages and long hair care products than on monthly haircuts. They reduce fuel costs, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, thus saving humanity from extinction. Cutting women's hair short will drive humanity closer to extinction. The longer your hair, the more pronounce these benefits will be. Clearly long hair is the only way to go for women. Say goodbye to short hair and hello to long hair.

Consider this YouTube video: "Why My Long Hair"