Thursday, October 8, 2009

October is domestic violence month

October is domestic violence month. However, the domestic violence industry is corrupt and anti-male biased. It is a regression in civil rights progress since the Jim Crow era. The domestic violence laws have lost civil rights. False allegations of domestic violence and the abuse of domestic violence laws are a growing issue to me. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is out of control for several reasons. One reason is because it has been effective in stopping domestic violence. VAWA provides incentives to file false allegations and to break up families. It has failed to deliver its promises to women and ignores women's preferences. It spreads one-sided and anti-male biased information, such as misleading and hatemongering statistics (e.g. 2 women die in domestic violence incidents every week). It has allowed loose definitions of the term "domestic violence", thus inviting state power into small family matters. VAWA promotes marriage fraud and immigration fraud. It promotes the issuance of restraining orders, even when there is no physical violence. It funds destructive mandatory arrest policies, such as "no drop" policies and "primary aggressor" policies. It biases the judiciary.

The purpose of the domestic violence fraud is to defraud men out of their rights. Men were once in charge of their families and things were much better, and men did not have to endure feminist rebellion and women knew their place in the family. Before feminism came along, there was peace and order, and children were not as rambunctious as they are now. Many of society's ills are caused by radical feminists, who are bent on deposing men of their God-given rights of being household heads and put women on the family pedestal. 

I have had enough of women making false allegations of domestic violence or other relationship crimes. These allegations get in the way of real victims of relationship crimes. The relationship justice industry has been flooded with false and trivial allegations of relationship crimes. Therefore, domestic abuse fraud, which is rarely suspected and rarely detected, must be removed from our society.