Monday, April 14, 2008

I have been banned from

Mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.—Abraham Lincoln

This is a horrible night for me. I have been sadly banned from for posting politically incorrect material and extreme trolling. The decision was unanimous according to them. I cannot bear this, and it will be very difficult to get over. The reason stated was: "Offensive / sexist material; instigating extreme drama."

The message from administrator Dr. Cid at this thread at the board states:

After much deliberation on the matter of the above [ex]user's membership, the moderating team has unanimously concluded that an indefinite ban is in order. For evident reasons, his threads have all been removed from public viewing, and his profile has been wiped.
We apologise for any offence caused by Tedius, and hope members will continue to post throughout the forum without concern for ridicule.

This is very sad and unfair. I am very, very upset about it. This is the most dramatic ban I ever suffered in the history of my message board life. They showed no love for me like they would promise. I originally joined this board in response to being banned from This ban is too dramatic for me to get over. As a result, I decided not to attend another message board again. I am not really that offensive. I did not intend to offend whomever was offended. I am not really a sexist. Some were claiming that I am. They think my opinion is disturbing to them. Feminism is a growing issue that must be resolved. At my message board, there were extreme fights against me by VengefulRonin (also known as StormShadow) of as well as AYRA_ROX. They manipulated the moderating team into the unanimous decision to ban me from the board. The decision to erase all the threads started by me is going to backfire.

I really miss I am very sorry for inadvertently offending them. It was not really my fault. VengefulRonin and Sgt Pepper stirred things up to leading me to being banned. They were so intent in exacerbating my problems. They imported material from my message board to to lure me into getting banned. I did not really want to offend the staff, posting about gender-sensitive topics like feminism and female fashion, which are the main subjects of this blog. They are nothing but proponents of the New World Order. The reason my opinion may have cause them to hate me is that they were brainwashed by false ideologies. They are narrow-minded authoritarians who want to censor ideas they believe to be objectionable. That is staged objectionability. The word sexist is basically a swear word. Are they going to ever accept me?

The opposing members of have no respect for feminine values or the truth about gender politics. They are blinded by political correctness. Feminine values are very important for society. It is the so-called modern influences that have deployed rhetorics of feminism in an attempt to rob women of feminine values and take them up on a vain and narcissistic ego trip. They have that same old feminist view of domestic violence.

Society has been impoverished by this brand of feminism (or women's liberation), since feminism can only succeed in defeminizing women or in transforming them into unrecognizable hybrids, known as butch dykes, which are women who fashion themselves after men. However, humankind has no hybrid. Women are not men. Women are intrinsically different from men. It is the bonding of manhood and womanhood that completes humankind. It is evident that if women lose their femininity, the very essence of being a woman, or if the allure of the female sex is gone, then women are can no longer what God dubbed "the special genius" of women, to bring forth to society values that civilize culture and shape people's lives. The disastrous consequences of gender identity crisis in women affect every aspect in life. Feminine values are the most palpable in modern societies, and hence, societies are worse off with this brand of women's liberation. Nevertheless, the implementation of feminism, especially by legal force, can only lead to societal collapse and eventually the end of mankind.

Feminism is learned, not inborn. It is taught in public colleges and universities. Far too many young females have been brainwashed to believe this deceptive, devastating, and destructive ideology. Feminists have a extremely negative perception of male sexuality. They have the tendency to criminalize normal heterosexual men. Feminism is a false ideology that has instigated false doctrine in the churches and seduced many Christians. It has exacerbated the very problem it sought to resolve. Mary Kassian, co-author of The Feminist Mistake: The Radical Impact of Feminism on Church and Culture", wrote: "Instead of promoting healthy self-identity for women or contributing to a greater harmony between the sexes, it has resulted in increased gender confusion, increased conflict, and a profound destruction of morality and family. It has left in its wake a mass of dysfunctional relationships and shattered lives. People of this culture no longer know what it means to be a man or a woman or how to make life work."

Victory of feminism translates into a combination of fear, disorder, and tyranny originating from the United States throughout the world, from the most intimate relationships to high culture and worldwide politics. Feminism translates into fear, suspicion, and hostility where mutual reliance is absolutely necessary, and into growing deception, heartlessness, and everyday brutality. It translates into confusion and misery for young people, thus robbing them of stable family life and and concrete ideals of adulthood. It translates into the end of local and popular institutions by more powerful and irresponsible bureaucracies. Feminism is a destructive social movement based on lies, fear, false allegations, dishonest statistics, and intentional misapprehension of mankind. It presents itself as a proponent of equal opportunity, but in reality it is a proponent of female privilege. Anything feminist say is far-left socialist propaganda.

The doctrine is based on the radical feminist doctrine. It teaches that women are free to get away with murdering men and children. It teaches that parents should teach boys that respect is a one-way street. It teaches that males have to respect females but not vice versa. It teaches that women are unaccountable for their actions, and that it is okay for women to kill men and children and go scott-free. That is preposterous!

Feminism is one of the most devastating, debilitating, deceptive, and destructive social movements of our time. The true feminist agenda is horrifying and Satanic. Feminism is an ancient heresy that is designed to destroy God's design. It actually started in the Garden of Eden. Eve, the original feminist, usurped the position that belonged to Adam and thought she could act independent from Adam and drove the human race into sin. This was the first act of feminism ever.

Finally, feminism has no chance of victory, because it undermines any stable and productive ordering of human life. It undermines reproduction and childrearing and jeopardizes long-term social survival. It has done tremendous damage and will do further damage on a grander scale before it destroys itself.

I have accused of:

  • Feministing
  • Feminist blackmail (or shaming language)
  • Banning me with the intent to force lies on me
  • Teaching and enforcing false ideologies
  • Scapegoating the male sex
  • Luring males into trouble
  • Teaching that women can get away with murder
  • Teaching a one-sided view on (domestic) violence
  • Lobbying to allow women to financially exploit men
  • Teaching that women can get away with murder
  • Supporting and promoting laws based on lies and dishonest statistics
Here is the YouTube video, taken from, that refers to this situation. is the worst message board that I have even banned from! It is neither a democracy nor a benevolent dictatorship; it is a feminist police state! However, my ban on from that board is not worth contesting. The staff, the administrators, and moderators and the "offended" members are too politically correct for me to get along with. They support and enforce an ideology with a gendered name that claims to stand for gender equality but, in reality, is a political activist movement based on false premises and a misandristic belief system which, in its worst forms, denies and quarrels with reality, suppresses men's and women's choices, burdens the government, curtails and tramples liberty, hurts and villifies men, corrupts and infantilizes women, puts children at risk, and fosters animosity between the genders.

The moral of this post is: You must not force ideologies based on false notions or dishonest statistics or put gender equality ahead of freedom of speech.

A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality outcome—ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality, nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of the people who use it to promote their own interests. On the other hand, a scoiety that puts freedom first will, as a happy by-product, end up with both greater freedom and greater equality.—Milton Friedman

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