Saturday, June 28, 2008

Super Smash Bros. Fracas: Stages

There would be a ton of stages in Super Smash Bros. Fracas. Like Brawl, Fracas will have a custom stage feature, but it will be more advanced than in Brawl. Some of them will be unlockable (*) or downloadable (#).

Tracks from Mario Kart HD can be ported to Super Smash Bros. Fracas as stages.

For reasons of realism, most of the stages will have a realistic day-and-night phase based on the console's internal clock, a la Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The stages for Super Smash Bros. Fracas are:


Super Mario
Mushroomy Kingdom Lost Levels 1-1 (Based on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)
Mushroomy Kingdom Lost Levels 1-2 (Based on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)
Bob-omb Battlefield (from Super Mario 64)
Ricco Harbor (from Super Mario Sunshine)
Sarasaland Dungeon
Kitchen Island
Peach's Castle Revisited (remixed from Melee, with interior attached) *
Mario Circuit 2 (from Super Mario Kart, based on Super Mario Kart Mushroom Cup: Track 5)
Donut Plains (from Super Mario Kart)
Luigi Raceway (from Mario Kart 64)
Mario Circuit DD (from Mario Kart Double Dash)
Luigi Circuit DD (from Mario Kart Double Dash)
Yoshi Circuit (from Mario Kart Double Dash)*
Rainbow Road (from Mario Kart Double Dash)*
Mario Circuit Wii (from Mario Kart Wii)#
Rainbow Road Wii (from Mario Kart Wii)#
Ancient Koopa Kingdom (from Yoshi's Island) #
Yoshi's Island *
Isle Delfino *

Donkey Kong County
Jungle Hijinx
Jungle Japes
Kongo Jungle
Kremling's Factory #
Ice Cave *
King K. Rool's Ship *

Game & Watch
Flat Zone 3 *

Legend of Zelda
Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle Town
Kakariko Village
Faron Woods
Lanayru Bridge
Zora's Domain *
Death Mountain *
Gerudo Desert *
Forest Temple *
Fire Temple *
Water Temple *
Lake Hylia #
Tal Tal Heights #
Holodrum #
Labrynna #

Green Greens
Floating Island
Bubbly Clouds #
Gourmet Race *
Castle Lololo #
Mount Dedede *

Chozo Ruins *
Phazon Mines #
Phendrana Drifts *
Crateria *
Talon Overworld
Fusion Sector 1 #

Star Fox
Corneria City
Sector X
Sector Z
Area 6 *
Venom Highway *
Zoness *
Macbeth *

Mother 3

Fourside (not a Melee stage)
New Pork City (not a Brawl stage)

Mute City
White Land
Big Blue
Port Town *
Devil Forest *
Silence #
Aeropolis #


Hoenn: Pokémon Colloseum 3 *
Sinnoh: Pokémon Colloseum 4 #
Kanto: Celadon City
Kanto: Ceruleon City *
Kanto: Saffron City Revisited
Kanto: Route 1
Johto: Route 27
Hoenn: Mauville
Hoenn: Slateport #
Hoenn: Rustboro *
Hoenn: Fortree #

Fire Emblem

Akaneia: Kingdom of Aritia *
Akaneia: Kingdom of Talis *
Jugdral: Kingdom of Grandbell #
Jugdral: Kingdom of Isaac #
Elibe: Caelin House
Elibe: Ostia House
Elibe: Pherae House #
Magvel: Tower of Valni
Tellius: Crimea
Tellius: Daein *
Tellius: Begnion #


The Museum (based on Megaman & Bass) *


Castlevania Castle Grounds *

King of Fighters

Southtown *

Tales of Phantasia

Euclid *


(Unlike Melee and Brawl, the Brawl stages will be graphical updated, due to already realistic graphics. Day-and-night phase will be added if possible.)

Delfino Plaza
Luigi's Mansion *
Mario Circuit
Eldin Bridge #
Brawl Yoshi's Story #
Space Armada *
MetaKnight's Halberd
Angel Land
Flat Zone 2 *
Brawl New Pork City
Shadow Moses Island *
Castle Siege

New Pork City #

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