Wednesday, July 2, 2008

About the Tedius Zanarukando doctrine

The Tedius Zanarukando doctrine states the central teachings of my opinion. They make up my political agenda. The purpose of this agenda is to abolish the lies of political correctness, thwart the Rockefeller-based elite's political agenda and abolish the destructive, totalitarian ideologies that are prevalent in American society, such as feminism and parental socialism and other false political correctness. It is to remove misandry and prudery from American culture. It is to turn a culture based on fear, lies, deception, and distrust into a culture based on love, truth, allure, trust, and pleasure. Some tenets of the Tedius Zanarukando doctrine are believed by some feminists to be subtly sexist, especially tenet #1. Many of the tenets of the doctrine are "politically incorrect" but factually or scientifically correct. Tenet #1 is very essential to society, because androgynous fashion on women is serious threat to society, thus scientifically incorrect. Most American women are hypocritical of gender issues, because they were brainwashed by society. Since the 1970s, feminists sought to censor or even criminalize any speech that could be deemed "offensive" to women. Therefore, feminist laws have been used to violate the First Amendment, and that is very wrong. Using these laws suppress freedom of speech is like legislating to restrict video games. I am a real critique of feminism. I will not and cannot tolerate feminist censorship. Any user critique of feminism often gets banned from some message boards, and that is very sad. I do not condone a web service with a Terms of Service statement that forces false rhetorics either. This must stop now!

Feminism already served its purpose, and it is no longer relevant today. It has gone overboard in the United States and Australia and in the Internet message boards and wiki sites. The ideology of feminism and prudery has been overrun, confused, and influenced stray generations. This has resulted in a rule-driven culture of misandry, androgynistic fashion, totalitarian matriarchy, fear, distrust, displeasure, and censorship. Because of feminism and the nudity taboo and other social baggage, our culture is very mean to mankind. Our culture is especially hostile towards young men. The perpetrators of our culture include evil politicians, corporations such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and special interest organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Organization for Women. They all want to use people to make money in bad ways. Behavior that is contrary to the Tedius Zanarukando Doctrine has been promoted through the media, through western culture, and political movements.

Women must not:
  • Fashion themselves like men. (Women must wear their hair long enough to conceal the nape of the neck. Women should not wear pants; instead they should wear long skirts or leggings.)
  • Rule over the men in their lives.
  • Financially exploit men.
  • Oppress or exploit their male underlings.
  • Hit the men in their lives or initiate domestic violence.
  • Make false charges against men, children, or other women.
  • Rule over men in church.
  • Take a position of political power at expense of men or men's rights.
It is urgent that you join hands with me to make peace with society.

SorceressEdea7 e-mailed to me:

Hey Tedius! remember me? I was at Finalfantasyforums. That's right! I'm one of those feminists that is destroying the state of the world!!! OHFUCKINGNOES!!!!! what are you gonna do about it you arrogant sexist bastard? are you gonna tell me to grow my hair out, put on a dress and get back in the kitchen where I belong? TOO FUCKING BAD!!! this isn't the fucking 50's you stupid fuck. Why don't you do the world a favor and get the fuck off the internet? Your sexist bullshit is not tolerated or accepted ANYWHERE.

Hope you contract AIDS from a Feminist since you say that "Rampant Feminism caused AIDS."

btw. You aren't a fucking Cybermartyr, and no one here at Final Fantasy Forums loves you.
This is a joke. SorceressEdea7 from is one of those evil feminists, and she is a liar, a hypocrite, and a conspirator. This user gave me a strong negative comment that I have rejected from this blog. This user is very corrupt, censorship happy, and is out to terrorize me away from the Internet, and so is VengefulRonin. That attempted comment SorceressEdea7 gave me is an example of evil feminist propaganda. Those feminists lie and even swear so much. They stereotype me as a "sexist bastard." They are out there to try to silence me. They think that expounding my beliefs is not permitted anywhere on the Internet. That is an inclination of feminist censorship right there. SorceressEdea7 is nothing but a feminist beast who wants to destroy the world, hence this user is an evil feminist and a hypocrite. We are living in dangerous times, such as the 2000s decade. The 1950s decade was much safer than the 2000s decade. Therefore, our society is worse off than it was 50 years ago. I am not saying that women should stay in the kitchen. I am saying that feminism is a social movement based on lies, false allegations, dishonest statistics, hatred, et cetera. I have had enough of those feminist persecutors on the Internet. Feminism is learned, not inborn. SorceressEdea7 is one of those evil feminists that I described in my post on this blog regarding my ban from, which I take seriously. The staff and feminists at does nothing but force and propagate false and divisive doctrines. Their opinions, doctrines, and actions will not solve societies' problems or make things better. I will never give up my online campaign against feminism. Anyone who wants me to get off the Internet for good will suffer the consequences and learn the hard way. Kicking me off the Internet or forcing the lies of political correctness will not solve our problems.

Unfortunately, the Tedius Zanarukando doctrine has been criticized as antisocial and warped. That is because public opinion has been warped for centuries through political movements based on lies. I am trying to bring peace to society. False ideologies, such as feminism, will not solve mankind's problems, but my social agenda will. Censoring out the truth, nudity, or female beauty will not protect children. The values needed to sustain the existence of the human race are female beauty, femininity, food, intellectual freedom, realism, and truth. It is impossible to be against these essential values in an innocent way. We should protest against those who oppose these values. If you protest against these values, then you are protesting against life. If you teach your children that these values are wrong, then you are teaching children to devalue life.
The Tedius Zanarukando doctrine is not intended to be a hateful message in any way. It is based on truth and it is to debunk the laws, doctrines social and political movements, cultures, etc. that are based on lies or instigate societal disaster. The book, History of Women's Suffrage, states: "When man suffers from false legislation, he has his remedy in this own hands." This blog is aimed at waging war against false and divisive rhetorics that are prevalent in American society. Those false ideologies, such as feminism, communism, and prudery, must never be taught in any public school whatsoever. I am against a society that encourages or stirs up falsehood, dishonesty, misandry (or preferential treatment for women), corruption, retroism, self-service, incompetence, family division, laziness, financial burden, corporate greed, profitism (i.e. putting profits before human life), overextension of powers, false political correctness, and/or prudery. Such society will be replaced with a society that encourages female beauty, intellectual freedom, service of the people, essential human values, realistic presentation, honest business practices, environmental fairness, economic balance, and nudism.

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