Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The origin of my username

I first adopted the username Tedius Zanarukando on September 1, 2002, at Empyron.com. The username was inspired by Square Enix's Final Fantasy X. The full username is Eunes Decimus Tedius Regio Zanaruqandior. The name "Tedius" is derived from the name of Tidus, the protagonist of Final Fantasy X. It is also confused with the word tedious. That would imply that no one is romantically interested in me, that I have a unique and controversial opinion, or that I have had a bad reputation on some boards. "Zanarukando" meant that my favorite video game has been Final Fantasy X and is the kana spelling of "Zanarkand", implying that I would live in Zanarkand Ruins if I were in the Final Fantasy world. The kana spelling was chosen, because Japan has done a whole lot of great things for me, and many of my school supplies were made in Japan, and that I have somewhat been influenced by Japanese culture.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tedius, it's Reality- thanks for the comment on Lose/Lose. Here's a blog with all of my posters- feel free to use them for your blog. Since I don't maintain a proper blog with daily posts, you can get a lot more mileage out of these- you have my permission.