Friday, October 31, 2008

TZ doctrine tenet #9: Women must not press false charges against men

Far too many women have been getting away with murder. The feminist notion that women were oppressed in the West is false and only serves to stir up misandry. That is one of the false premises that feminism is based on. Conventional wisdom, especially in the United States and Great Britain in the 21st century, teaches that in domestic violence cases men are the perpetrators and women are the victims. The truth is that men and children are also victims of domestic violence, and that women are usually the initiators. The media and the feminists claim that men are always the perpetrators of domestic violence and that women are always the victims. They claim that domestic violence perpetrator by men against women is at an all-time high and increasing. However, in reality, that is false according to scientific research.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a law that discriminates against male victims of violence by denying them equal protection. It is a significant step forward in feminism in the mid 1990s. VAWA is obviously and intentionally anti-male, as the name implies. VAWA is the smoking gun to prove that feminism is a political hate movement, not an equality movement. It supports the feminist claim that it is acceptable to discriminate against men, which is absolutely unacceptable to me. It also costs billions of taxpayer dollars. It has not lived up to its original purpose.

Blaming the male sex will not solve the domestic violence issue. Restraining orders have turned out to be swords rather than shields. Fathers have become strangers to their children, not voluntarily, but by legal force. Domestic violence is a family issue, not a gender issue. Gender politics must be separated from this issue.  Attributing a societal issue to one gender over the other is misleading and hinders efforts to address the issue.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is out of hand for 12 reasons:
  • VAWA has failed to stop abuse.
  • VAWA provides incentives for false allegations and family divisions.
  • VAWA has not delivered on its promises to women.
  • VAWA disseminates one-sided and gender biased information.
  • VAWA allows states to broaden the definition of domestic violence to include virtually all types of family disagreement, even shouting.
  • VAWA promotes immigration fraud.
  • VAWA encourages issuing police restraining orders, even when there is no evidence of physical violence.
  • VAWA funds destructive mandatory arrest policies.
  • VAWA biases the judiciary.
  • VAWA condones mismanagement of federal government money.
  • VAWA costs taxpayers $20 billion annually to aid at-risk children who are harmed by family division.
  • VAWA illegally discriminates against male victims of domestic violence.

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