Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alexis Disgrace

American Idol Season 8 is somewhat like Season 7 to me, except that my neither my favorite nor my least favorite in the competition will get to go on tour. First my favorite finalist is voted off with the elimination followed by country music themed week, and then my least favorite finalist is voted of the week after my favorite finalist. First it was Chikezie Eze and Ramiele Malubay respectively, then it was Jasmine Murray and Alexis Grace respectively. I am so glad Alexis Grace got voted off tonight. She is the worst in the competition. I will forget Alexis, but I will never forget Jasmine.

Alexis Grace auditioned in Louisville, Kentucky. She previously auditioned twice without making it to Hollywood. She has one child, an illegitimate daughter. She was originally from Memphis, Tennessee, which is also the home of Lil Rounds, my second pick in the competition.

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