Thursday, April 2, 2009

Megan Joke

Megan Joy, the second Wild Card finalist, has accepted being voted off American Idol, getting ninth place. She sang "Turn Your Lights Down", which was originally recorded by Lauryn Hill. The theme was Top Music Downloads. In my opinion, Megan Joy should have been voted off before Jasmine Murray, for she is a joke. Jasmine Murray should been have been on the summer tour in place of Megan Joy.

Formerly known as Megan Corkery, she was born Megan Knudsen on August 5, 1985. She hails from Taylorsville, Utah. She was dubbed Megan Joy after the Wild Card show. She had very little training before she auditioned for American Idol.

I wish Jasmine Murray would be on this year's summer tour instead of Megan Joy.

Jasmine Murray is underrated, and Megan Joy is a joke.
Jasmine is commercial. Megan is a karaoke.
Jasmine has a big voice and wide vocal range. Megan has a limited vocal range.
Jasmine has been singing since the age of 3 and attends an art school. Megan has limited vocal experience and did not attend an art school.
Jasmine is musically diverse. Megan is limited to being a jazz singer.

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