Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vitolio Jeune has been voted off So You Think You Can Dance

First it was Jasmine Murray and now Vitolio Jeune, thus both missing the top 10 on their respective competitions. So You Can Think You Can Dance season 5 is American Idol season 8 all over again. I am shocked that Vitolio Jeune has been eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance competition, and Kupono is overrated. That is just as much as I was shocked about Comfort Fedoke being eliminated before the top 6 last season. Vitolio's original dance partner was Asuka Kondoh, who was eliminated last week. This week, he did the Quick Step routine, which is a kiss of death routine.

I hope next year, my luck will change on reality television. I hope next year, my first pick on American Idol season 9 and on So You Think You Can Dance season 7 both make the top 10. I do not want 2010 to be 2009 all over again. 2009 is a dark year for me when it comes to reality television. However, the good news is that I will not have to work on the day after this shocking moment. If my first pick (or favorite finalist of the season) misses the top 10 on two more consecutive seasons of American Idol, I will quit watching the show for good. The same will go for So You Can Think You Can Dance.

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