Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shay Sorrells and Daniel Wright voted off The Biggest Loser

To me, 2009 is a year of shocking reality TV eliminations. What a shockfest that is. Shauntina "Shay" Sorrells, who is the heaviest contestant in Biggest Loser history, got voted off The Biggest Loser ranch, in a double elimination. Double elimination rarely occurs on The Biggest Loser, and several of my favorite reality TV show contestants were victims of double eliminations. This is my most shocking elimination in Biggest Loser history, but not my most shocking reality TV show elimination (which is Jasmine Murray's elimination on American Idol season 8). Earlier that night, her teammate Daniel Wright, the season 7 contestant who inspired her to be on the show, also got eliminated. Daniel was previously eliminated in week 4 of season 7. Shay was eliminated after a vote between her and Amanda, while Daniel was eliminated at the weigh-in. When Shay started The Biggest Loser competition, she weighed 476 pounds. She lost 100 pounds during her nine week run on The Biggest Loser ranch. Since being on The Biggest Loser, she lost 150 pounds. When Daniel first started the Biggest Loser competition he weighed 450 pounds. Since being on The Biggest Loser, he lost 230 pounds. To make matters worse, Shay's transformation footage was not broadcast.

Later that night, Shay and Daniel appeared on the Jay Leno Show to reveal their updates. Shay works out every day with six trainers, 2 hours on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends.

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