Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Beautiful Day for Lee DeWyze

At the end of the finale of American Idol season 9, it has been announced that Lee DeWyze, a paint salesman who auditioned in Chicago, Illinois, has been crowned the ninth American Idol.  He hails from Mount Prospect, Illinois.  Therefore, Crystal Bowersox, a single mother from Toledo, Ohio, is the runner-up.  The Idol Democracy survey says that Crystal Bowersox should have won, and I agree with the survey.  The male sex now dominates American Idol by 5 to 4.  Since top 12 week, I pulled for a Michael Lynche, who landed in fourth place.  Next season, I will pull for a female contestant.

Here is how American Idol season 9 went down:

Top 12

Winner: Lee DeWyze
Runner-up: Crystal Bowserox
Third Place: Casey James
Fourth Place: Michael Lynche
Fifth Place: Aaron Kelly
Sixth Place: Siobhan Magnus
Seventh Place: Tim Urban
Eighth Place: Katie Stevens
Ninth Place: Andrew Garcia
Tenth Place: Didi Benami
Eleventh Place: Paige Miles
Twelfth Place: Lacey Brown

Best of the Rest

Thirteenth Place: Lilly Scott
Fourteenth Place: Alex Lambert
Fifteenth Place: Todrick Hall
Sixteenth Place: Katelyn Epperly
Seventeenth Place: Haeley Vaughn
Eighteenth Place: Michelle Delamor
Ninteenth Place: Jermaine Sellers
Twentieth Place: John Park
Twenty-First Place: Tyler Grady
Twenty-Second Place: Joe Múñoz
Twenty-Third Place: Ashley Rodriguez
Twenty-Fourth Place: Janell Wheeler

Elimination Errors

Robbed: Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor, Todrick Hall, and Lilly Scott
Bumped: Tim Urban, Lacey Brown
Wasted: Haeley Vaughn

"Robbed" means that the contestant was eliminated earlier than he or she should have.  "Bumped" means that the contestant advanced further than he or she should have.  "Wasted" means that the contestant auditioned when he or she clearly was not ready for the competition, thus should have waited until a later season of American Idol.

Here are my replacement wishes:

Angela Martin should have made the top 24 instead of Haeley Vaughn.
Jermaine Sellers should have made the top 12 instead of Andrew Garcia.
Michelle Delamor should have made the top 12 instead of Didi Benami.
Todrick Hall should have made the top 12 instead of Tim Urban.
Alex Lambert should have made the top 12 instead of Aaron Kelly.
Lilly Scott should have made the top 12 instead of Lacey Brown.
Crystal Bowersox should have won instead of Lee DeWyze.

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