Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TZ Doctrine tenet #21: Truth and honesty are superior to profit and political correctness

It is unethical to put financial gain and political correctness ahead of truth and honesty.  Our society has been blinded by political correctness, and many corporations have been blinded by financial gain.  There has been a feminised education system, a criminal justice system that unjustly favors the female sex, laws enacted based on financial gain rather than common sense, and corporations that put profit before human safety and common sense. Western society is very dishonest, unequal, and unjust.  I am unhappy with the current educational system that disproportionately favors female students instead of male students. An education system like that has a disastrous ripple effect. The idea of a feminised education system is maladaptive and unnatural. I do not condone misandry, or double standards or moral defamation against the male sex.

Solving problems is not accomplished by arrogance, censorship, false pride, political correctness, or monetary greed. If we want to create an honest, equal, and just society, we must be objective and truthful, and not let one another be biased by self-promoting motives.

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