Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance season 8 revealed

Last Thursday night, the top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance season 8 has been revealed in a live episode with pre-recorded green-mile segments. I doubt whether I am happy with the top 20. The season will begin with the original format. When the number of contestants gets narrowed down to a top 10, it will switch to the season 7 all-star format.

Mary Murphy has returned to the judging panel, replacing Mia Michaels after being absent from season 7 due to contract disputes and undergoing surgery to remove thyroid tumor. Permanent judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has announced that musician will be a guest judge in season 8.

Here are the top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance:

Male Finalists (alphabetically by last name):

Alexander Fost
Tadd Gadduang
Marko Germar
Ricky Jamie
Wadi Jones
Mitchell Kelly
Chris Koell
Jess LeProtto
Robert Taylor, Jr.
Nick Young

Female Finalists:

Jordan Casanova
Caitlynn Lawson
Iveta Lukosiute
Miranda Maleski
Sasha Mallory
Melanie Moore
Missy Morelli
Clarice Ordaz
Ryan Ramirez
Ashley Rich

I am pulling for Robert Taylor, Jr. on the male side and Ashley Rich on the female side. I will be upset if either of them go home on June 16. Mitchell Kelly got injured this week. If Robert Taylor, Jr., goes home I will pull for Wadi Jones. If Ashley Rich goes home this week, I will pull for Sasha Malloy.

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