Friday, March 30, 2012

Why I dislike The Biggest Loser 13's Conda Britt

I despise The Biggest Loser season 13's Conda Britt. She is my least favorite Biggest Loser contestant. She is a disgrace to the cast of the 13th season of The Biggest Loser. She intent on destroying the reputation of The Biggest Loser franchise. She made very unwelcome actions, especially her attitude towards Adrian and Daphne Dortch. She made too many complaints about the trainers. She played double agent, thus forming alliances with both teams with the except of Adrian and Daphne Dortch.

Conda Britt was given one thing that most people will never have, which is 15 minutes of fame. That time could have been spent on becoming a role model for millions of obese and overweight American youth. An opportunity to demonstrate that character, sportsmanship, and the spirit of the competition can coexist with each other.

Instead, Conda Britt chose to demonstrate qualities that are, to say the least, far less than stellar. She chose to exhibit qualities that have raised red flags. She chose to demonstrate qualities that have caused the trainers, two of the contestants (Adrian and Daphne Dortch), and the viewers of the show to have negative comments about her. Those qualities chose do not represent fairness and the spirit of The Biggest Loser that viewers have come to expect.

Consequently, red flags have been raised because the viewers have been hurt. Conda Britt has marred a show that viewers have come to love and enjoy, perhaps for future seasons. In the long run, contestants will fade into obscurity, but the qualities that they exhibit to America's youth will live on. The concern must be with America's youth. Is there an answer? Is redemption possible? There is always hope.

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