Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jessica Sanchez gets saved Casey Abrams style

Last week, Jessica Sanchez, my favorite contestant of American Idol season 11, got saved from being eliminated to seventh place by the judges. This is bittersweet news to me. I agree with the judges and Jimmy Iovine that America voted wrong. However, it must be that the results were not based on actual votes, as the results were staged by the powers that be.

American Idol is supposed to be a singing talent contest, not a popularity contest. Sanchez is the wise choice for American Idol winner. deserves to win the competition, not Phillip Phillips or Colton Dixon, who have been getting the frau vote. The frau vote is very unwise, and it comes from young viewers who comprise a small percentage of the American Idol at-home viewing audience and who are AT&T customers who text-vote speedily. The use of the judges' save is probably used to increase American Idol's ratings.

During the results show, American Idol season 3 finalist Jennifer Hudson performed a duet with Ne-Yo called "Think Like a Man." Earlier, American Idol season 10's James Durbin performed his first single, "Higher Than Heaven."

Win or lose Sanchez will be the most successful contestant of American Idol season 11. She is already largely popular on YouTube. Let alone, she may even overtake Kelly Clarkson as the most successful American Idol contestant ever.

Tomorrow night, the theme is "Now & Then", meaning that the top 7 will perform two songs, one from the 21st century and one from the 20th century. The judges' save normally culminates in two finalists being sent home, but due to the disqualification of Jermaine Jones, only one finalist be sent home.

To all you who follow the frau vote, such as young female voting viewers: Female American Idol winners are more successful than their male counterparts regardless of race or musical style. Would you rather have an ethnic female American Idol winner like Jessica Sanchez who has a chance of attaining Kelly Clarkson level success or a White guy with a guitar (WGWG) type winner like Phillip Phillips who will go the way of Lee DeWyze?

My predictions on the top 7 are:

Winner: Jessica Sanchez
Runner-up: Colton Dixon
Third Place: Joshua Ledet
Fourth Place: Phillip Phillips
Fifth Place: Skylar Laine
Sixth Place: Elise Testone
Seventh Place: Hollie Cavanagh

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