Thursday, June 14, 2012

The truth about Men Stopping Violence

The organization known as Men Stopping Violence is a misnomer. It claims to be an organization dedicated to ending male violence against women. However, it is really an organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging female supremacy and male submission to women. It leads men to live in fear of women and girls, hence the protologism "gynophobogen." It encourages men to let themselves be deceived and controlled by women. It encourages men to be too lenient towards women and girls. It even encourages fathers to be too permissive towards daughters. The organization was founded by a woman who was a feminist.

Some of the entries in the said organization's Violent and Controlling Behaviors list are flimsy or misusable. Here are the questionable entries on the list:

  • Criticism (name-calling, accusations, blaming, use of trivializing words or gestures)
  • Interrupting, changing topics, not listening, not responding, twisting her words.
  • Claiming "the truth," being the authority, defining her behavior, using "logic."
  • Withholding help on childcare/housework (not doing your share or following through on your own agreements)
  • Emotional withholding (not expressing feelings, not giving support, validation, attention, compliments, respect for her feelings, rights, or opinions)

The organization is only concerned about preventing male violence against women, but not the other way around, nor is it about protecting women against female violence. It promotes the double standard that men should never hit or defame females under any circumstances, but that females can do the same to males and other females alike as much as they like and when they like.

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Polly said...

Your argument is very eloquent. I, however, find your argument highly disturbing. These organisations are there to protect vulnerable women, children and also men. Negativity about such organisations, even if you disagree with them on some misogynistic level, is wrong because it undermines the help and protection they can offer women. If your sister, aunt or mother (or even a male relation/friend) was in a position where she or he was experiencing verbal or physical abuse then how could you I guess that you'd prefer them to receive shelter, advice and support rather than risking their lives. By being negative about these organisations, you are putting your own politics before the safety and lives of women. Even if you think (and wrongly, I might add) that these are propaganda platforms, that is inconsequential in relation to the lifeline they supply for vulnerable members of society.