Thursday, August 30, 2012

Repeal Title IX

After 40 years, Title IX is getting old for men and boys, and it must be repealed.  It is doing damage to extracurricular activities, especially men's college sports, and it is now extending its grip on elementary schools. The USA sent 261 male athletes and 269 female athletes to the 2012 London Olympics, thanks to Title IX.

Title IX was enacted in 1972 to prohibit gender-based discrimination. Since then, the regulations that test compliance with Title IX have degenerated into a vehicle for female privilege under the guise of gender equality. That is because feminism is not about equality opportunity; it is about equality of outcome. Thanks the misuse of Title IX and the way it was enforced, schools everywhere fear that they are obligated to make their sports team roster "proportional" to their enrollment due to the threat of federal government regulators and trial lawyers. That means that if 57 percent of the student enrollment is female, then 57 percent of student athletes must be female. This compliance test serves to benefit the majority sex in colleges and universities by every means possible, while the minority sex is pushed below the law.

However, the media coverage of Title IX avoids these fineprint details and evidently crosses the line from objective reporting to cheerleading. Any damage done by Title IX is ignored, and any criticism is summarily downplayed or dismissed.

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