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TZ doctrine tenet #1b: Honor Cinderella

Women must not wear trousers.

The Bible says, "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God." (Deuteronomy 22:5).

Figuratively, women have shattered the glass ceiling and broke their glass slippers in the process. This generation of women is called the "Lost Cinderella Generation." We men will soon see the last of the "Lost Cinderella Generation." The remnants of that generation will be converted. Unfortunately, the female fashion industry has gone the way of Anakin Skywalker. It has shifted toward a more unisex style of dress, thus women with long hair and in skirts are probably in the minority, and women with short hair and in trousers are probably in the majority. That will change one day.

Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, since the late 19990s, the majority of women worldwide wear trousers most of the time. I disapprove of women in trousers (or pants in the U.S.), just as I disapprove of short hair for women. I believe that it is wrong for women to wear trousers or for any employer or institution to require them to do so. Trousers hurt femininity, hence masculinizing. Women should wear skirts or dresses (whether long or short), with tights in the winter and bare legs in the summer.

Although every generation alters the aspects and details of life, the basic values and assumptions of life have remained unaltered for centuries. But in the Babyboomer Generation, Generation X, and Generation Y, this can no longer be assumed to be true. Since the very beginning of human civilization, it has always been accepted that clothing, as well as hairstyle, is one of the important elements in refinement, and that everyone is obligated to look as attractive to the opposite sex as possible at all times. However, this was true in the 19th century, but not today in the 21st century. Not only are there are many people today who lack pride in their appearance, but there are also many people, especially women, who deliberately try to look as unattractive as possible. How embarrassing. That prevalence will soon end. Also, women should no longer be employed in manufacturing.

Women began to wear trousers in the 1970s, through the pressures of feminism and the placement of women in the workforce. Women have been wearing trousers since World War II, because many women were employed in manufacturing warehouses, where trousers are practical. After World War II, trousers remained an item in female apparel, but they were rarely worn back then. In the 1970s, the rising influence of the feminist movement persuaded women to try to look as much like men as possible. Some years now, trousers have been a uniform to be worn everyday. Since recent years, I have been very disappointed about this. I was unaware of that during my childhood. If one walks down the streets of New York City or London, England, the proportion of women in trousers to women in skirts is 10 to 1. In Paris, France, that proportion is 5 to 1, and many of the best-dressed women in France never wear trousers in town.

I used to be a client in a workforce training center that requires women to wear trousers. I found that horrible and displeasing. Several female clients at the training center disagree with the staff on this. The staff should require female clients to wear long skirts with boots and leggings under them, not trousers. When working in a factory, instead of trousers, women should wear long skirts, but with leggings and boots under them. Then I have been working at Walgreens Distribution Center wear women are forbidden to wear skirts, which they really should wear.

Like short hair, trousers are very unflattering to women, but most women lack this vision. Trousers are designed for the male human body, which is most like straight-lined, not the female one, which consists of curves. Trousers actually deform the female human body. They emphasize every inch of women's lower bodies. They create tomboyish, feminist thoughts in women's brains, and it can lead to short hair. Millions of women who would look attractive in skirts are embarrassingly unattractive in trousers.

Finally, trousers are unattractive to men, while skirts are attractive to men. Skirts are sexy, while trousers are unsexy. Many women, like former Fool's Gold member Katiroth, wear trousers because they think their legs look bad. This is a mistake, because female legs are sexy.
Dresses and skirts are more comfortable than trousers. Dresses and skirts are easier to move around in and are much less restrictive. Trousers encumber women's legs and are more difficult to iron or move around in. With long skirts, women can hide whatever they want to hide. Men act more like gentlemen when you women fashion yourselves the feminine way. Long skirts are cheaper to make and to buy than trousers too. Long skirts are the most feminine. Therefore, long hair and long dresses/skirts are easier on the finances than short hair and trousers. Pants wear out quicker than skirts. Also, pants do not allow air to flow through a woman's midsection. Skirts and dresses allow air to circulate.

Most importantly, men are more attracted to women in skirts than women in trousers, both literally and figuratively. Wearing trousers is like wearing one's hair short. Wearing trousers is like prescribing to a false ideology. Likewise, wearing skirts is like wearing one's hair long. The analogy is: Crewcut hair style is to trousers, as long hair style is to skirts. Women know men prefer them to wear skirts, yet women deliberately wear trousers. Women wearing their hair short or wearing trousers are both hostile behavior, and those behaviors fly against common sense and the normal desire to please. Most importantly, those behaviors fly against one of the basic elements of human civilization, which is trying to look as attractive as possible.

The idea of women wearing trousers has facts and history against it. Women never wore trousers until the 20th century. First, male and female specific clothing distinctly differed from each other during Biblical times. Deuteronomy 22:5 stating that women must not fashion themselves after men and vice versa made sense to the Israelites. During Biblical times, men wore robes and women's dresses were distinctly different. In the days of the New Testament, including Jesus' time, Roman soldiers were trousers, thus trousers were known and worn only by men, not by women. For centures in the Church, men wore trousers and women wore dresses. This has become established in Christian culture as one of the principal differences in male and female attire. Only since the 1970s has this difference faded into obscurity. Padre Pio refuses to hear the confession of women who wore trousers. Deuteronomy 22:5 specifically rules out unisex fashion. Even if many women wore the same thing men wore in ancient times, this Scripture is still true today. When the Mary the mother of Jesus appears in apparitions, she always wears a dress and never trousers. All images and statues of Mary throughout the history of Christianity have her wear a dress and never trousers. When visiting the Pope or the Vatican, women are forbidden to wear trousers and they are required to wear headcovering. When George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, and First Lady Laura Bush went to visit Pope Benedict XVI, Laura Bush wore a dress and headcovering. Some religious groups like the Apostolic faith, still retain by insight that women should fashion themselves the feminine way, not the masculine way. Clothing, as well as grooming, also sends a message to society, such as expression of role and conduct. Even in this corrupt society, clothing is associated with positions, such as police officer, judges, priests, monks, and nuns. Women are not meant to have the same roles and behaviors as men. Clothing is an indicator and expression of that difference. The more important thing is correct roles and behaviors for men and women. A woman who wears trousers identifies herself with a culture of sexual perversion and idolatry. When women began to wear pants, American and European cultures have since deteriorated into a state of sexual libidinosity.

Clearly, women should fashion themselves the feminine way (such as long hair and skirts), not the masculine way. Women fashioning themselves the masculine way, such as wearing their hair short and or wearing trousers, is evidently an offense to the very order which God built into his Creation and human nature. Women no longer care about pleasing men, and many women only care about pleasing themselves. This is a tenet of radical feminist dogma, but it is certainly not the way to attract or charm men. This behavior has led to high rates of divorce in the western world. Women are deliberating violating the normal desire to please. They are deliberately going the way that is opposite to what men like, and rushing like lemmings on a sartorial cliff, but that is hostile behavior. That flies against common sense. Most importantly that goes against one of the basic elements of civilization, that is, always trying to look one's best. I have a dream that one day, women will stop fashioning themselves the masculine way for good.

Black is the most popular color in clothing. 60% of clothes sold in the United States and Great Britain are in this color. Black clothing makes women look slimmer, while white clothing makes them look fatter. Therefore, I prefer that women wear black or dark-colored dresses.

Wearing skirts with bare legs may or may not recommended, for they are considered by some men to be more masculine. In my opinion, bare legs are an option, especially women in their 20s. Bare legs are not recommended for women over 40, unless they have black or brown skin. If your legs look good, you should show them off. If you women prefer to wear bare legs, you should shave or wax and moisturize them daily. If you have bug bites, frost bites, or bruises on your legs, you should wear opaque tights or leggings. When it comes to race, in dressy events, women should wear tights or pantyhose if they have white skin, or go bare legged if they have black, brown, or olive skin.


Consider this YouTube video: Women Wearing Pants by Late Bishop G.E. Patterson.

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