Monday, April 12, 2010

The judges save Michael Lynche

Last week, I was shocked that Michael Lynche had to sing for the judges' save, which was introduced on American Idol season 8.  He is my favorite of the top 12, but not of the top 24, who is Todrick Hall.  He was in the bottom 3 with Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly.  Last week's results show was considered a shocking results show.  Ryan Seacrest announced at the beginning that the results show would have a shocking elimination.  I am glad that the judges made the right decision by saving my favorite finalist of the season from being voted off.  The voting results are not like what most Internet media outlets predicted.  The Idol Democracy study also disagrees with the voting results. It says that based on the one-person-one-vote methodology, Aaron Kelly should have been the one to go home last week. Michael Lynche came in fourth place on the study.  I disagreed with the Idol Democracy study on top 24 week, but I have agreed with that study on top 9a week.

The contestants who should be shown the door before Michael Lynche are Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia.  Katie Stevens also had a shady track record and she could be voted off before Michael Lynche.  The judges' save was introduced on the top 13 results show of American Idol season 8.  It can only be used only once per season, and the decision must be unanimous.  Two contestants will be eliminated on the week after the judges' save is used.  The judges' save expires on top 5 week.  Thankfully, unlike Jasmine Murray, and like Chikezie Eze, Michael Lynche has already earned the privilege to participate on the American Idols LIVE! Tour 2010.