Monday, March 29, 2010

All Odds Against Paige Miles

Last week, Paige Miles got voted off American Idol, ending her run in 11th place, joining Lacey Brown in missing the cut on this year's American Idols LIVE! Tour 2010, just like my all-time favorite American Idol contestant Jasmine Murray from last season.  She was in the bottom 3 along with Tim Urban and Katie Stevens.  She struggled with the Phil Collins song, "Against All Odds."  The theme was Billboard #1's. The mentor was Miley Cyrus, who performed earlier in the results show.  Also during the results show, Joe Jonas duetted with Demi Lovatto.  Paige Miles was denied the judges' save before she would sing on the results show.  After her American Idol run, she wants to continue to pursue a music career.  She hails from Naples, Florida.  She auditioned in Dallas, Texas.  She was completely unknown before she was named to the top 24.  Her lack of screen time before the semifinalis worked against her, as she was unable to build a fanbase, but I believe that she is underrated.  Like Todrick Hall, she received mixed messages from the judges.

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