Saturday, March 20, 2010

No More Gender War

The worldwide gender war must come to an end.  This is the main purpose of this blog.  We need a men's movement, and I hope the gender war will end by 2019.  The men's liberation is coming faster than we know it.  Feminism is based on lies, false allegations, contradictions, and forged statistics.  Feminism is nothing but a Trojan horse movement, that is, a hate movement under the pretense of an equality movement.  Feminism is about female superiority under the pretense of gender equality.  Injustice has been done to men under the pretense of justice for women.  Men have been oppressed under the pretense of uplifting women.  Male students have been shortchanged in academia.  Fathers have been separated from their children and denied visitation rights.  Sons of single mothers have been poisoned with Ritalin under the pretense of helping girls in academia.  The government healthcare budget has been unfairly focused on female health, even though men are at higher risk healthwise.  Men have been facing harsher sentences for the same crimes as women.  Too many innocent men been incarcerated under false charges filed by women.  This gender war must end.  I have a dream that one day, male students will have an equal footing with their female counterparts.  I have a dream that one day, government will fund male health and female health equally.  I have a dream that one day, women will be held as equally accountable as men.
  • Doing Injustice to Men ≠ Doing Justice to Women
  • Oppressing Men ≠ Uplifting Women
  • Harming Men ≠ Protecting Women
  • Male Disempowerment ≠ Female Empowerment
  • Violating Male Rights ≠ Upholding Female Rights
  • Destroying Marriange ≠ Promoting Women's Welfare
  • Destroying Family ≠ Uplifting Women
  • Promoting Female Victimhood ≠ Liberating Women
  • Pampering Women ≠ Female Empowerment
  • Supporting Misuse of Law ≠ Doing Justice to Women
  • Violating Human Rights ≠ Upholding Female Rights
  • Destroying Familes ≠ Protecting Women
  • Shortchanging Boys in Academia ≠ Helping Girls in Academia
  • Keep Trivial Family Issues Out of Criminal Courts
  • Stop Converting Troubled Marriages Into Criminal Cases
  • Say "No" to Anti-Marriage, Anti-Family, Fatherless Welfare State
  • Make Laws Fair and Equitable for All
  • Say "No" to Feminist Culture of Mass Irresponsibility
  • Stop Infantilizing Women
  • Real Women Have Self-Esteem and Dignity
  • Real Women Reject Privilege Over Men and Children
  • Real Women Succeed by Proving Their Worth
  • Real Women Take Responsibility for Their Actions
  • Real Women Do Not Make False Allegations or File False Criminal Cases Against Men
  • Believing that discrimination against men is acceptable but that discrimination against women is not = discrimination against men.

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