Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have been blocked from Wikipedia

Sadly, in an unfortunate turn of events, I am no longer allowed to edit in Wikipedia. I have been accused of uncivil userpage content. I was blocked from editing Wikipedia by an administrator by the username of Krimpet, claiming that I was 'seemingly only here to use Wikipedia as a soapbox for pushing my misogynistic views in userspace, despite repeated warnings.' Krimpet equates antifeminism with misogyny. I am not in any way expounding any hateful views. That reason for blocking is nothing more than feminist nonsense, and it is a form of feminist censorship. Krimpet is an evil Wikipedian administrator who equates antifeminism with misogyny. Such belief is reverse sexism. What happened with me at Wikipedia was nothing more than an act of feminist censorship. I will have to settle this manner one way or another. That discussion was only a set up to get me blocked. My political agenda is to correct the errors of dominant culture. That includes abolition of feminism abuse, video game censorship, and prudery. It is meant to make a peaceful society, not destroy society. I am aware that I have had bad luck on the Internet. First I was banned from the TheFinalFantasy.com and then got blocked from Wikipedia. I might as well not edit at Wiktionary either. I will have to rebuild my Internet life piece by piece. If I could get my message board to become lively and popular, I would have it made. I had enough of that feminist extremism. I am tempted to get even with Jc37, Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison. However, I will try to avoid that. Heaven, I need a hug. I am right and Krimpet is wrong. However, blocking me from Wikipedia will do them no good. I will still use this blog to advance my political agenda. My political is not hateful, as many think it is. The fundamental problem of my case on Wikipedia is that antifeminism is erroneously equated with misogyny. Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison are known to do that. Equating antifeminism with misogyny is reverse-sexist. This is something I need to address to fellow antifeminists. One thing is that feminist extremists often scapegoat the male sex for society's problems.

I joined Wikipedia in July 2003. I had a good time there up until late 2007, when things went out of hand. Legotech started a case that led me to getting jailed (i.e. blocked from editing Wikipedia articles, but not banned). What may have led to the situation is strict Christian upbringing. Whoever was offended by the antifeminist content on my userpage was raised in evil feminist upbringing, and they have been deceived by that upbringing. They believe radical feminist ideology. We are not born to believe feminist ideology, we are erroneously taught that. We should stop teaching our sons and daughters to believe and accept that false ideology. Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison were brought up that way. They are both evil feminist extremists. They condemn what is "sexist" in a secondary sense. What is termed "sexism" in a secondary sense can actually be beneficial to society. Contrary to what Alison said in my Talk page, that userpage was not "offenisve to every thinking person." That case was feminist nonsense. That userpage was offensive only to feminist extremists. Also, Krimpet, Alison, and Legotech overly criticize the content of my userpage, and they are liars. It was not as offensive as they think it was.

Wikipedia's internal policies are being pushed too far. Therefore, I have no desire to return to Wikipedia. I would prefer going to Wikia.com and its subsites.

The feminist lie teaches that:

  • Feminine beauty is crippling for women.
  • The genders are identical.
  • Only men are evil and violent.
  • Fathers do not matter to children.
  • Women do the same jobs as men but get paid less.
  • Careers are more important for women than family.
Feminist ideology is a disgrace to humanity. Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison, and anyone else in the Wikipedia who claim to be offended by my userpage have given in to the feminist lie. Feminists have scapegoated the male sex, just as social conservatives have scapegoated video games. Such scapegoating is reverse sexism. Krimpet is indeed a reverse sexist. The evidence of reverse sexism and feminist censorship is ubiquitous. Today, partly because of legitimate prevalent sensitivity to feminist dogma, we ride the curve of an antithesis whose moral and legal authority are not only the supported but also institutionalized, thus inviting self-righteous excess and corruption of the unchallenged political power. The effects of the prevalent feminist dogma can be seen on the Internet and in literary market listings. Therefore, what content on user texts, not only in Wikipedia, but all across the Internet, and in the libraries, is regulated by what are perceived as intrinsically and even exclusively feminist values, rather than by true human values. I myself represent true human values, while Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison represent feminist values, which are evidently false. The feminist rhetoric, which these boneheaded Wikipedians tried to force on me, is self-defeating, dangerous, and is a threat to the existence of the human race and promotes divisions and injustice.

Feminist ideology is very destructive and divisive. The most fundamental and yet delicate element of society is the relationship between the male sex and the female sex. It is the erythrocyte of society. The family depends on it. No one with societal interests at heart would attempt to divide mankind. Yet the destructive and divisive feminist lie has become the official orthodoxy, and that is what got me into this Wikipedia situation. Therefore, there is a gap between the truth and the official orthodoxy.

Men love women. Men's instinct is to nurture and see women thrive. Women are beautiful when they are happy, and ugly when they are sad. The vast majority of men and women have supported and guided their families for thousands of years. Feminists aggressively promote the belief that the innate gender characteristics, which are crucial to human development, are so-called "stereotypes."

Gender studies is a dangerously sensitive topic, but it must be addressed. God gave me this political agenda. My stand against feminist ideology can be asserted as true. Radical feminist ideology is a psychological disorder. It is anti-male, anti-life, anti-child, anti-God, anti-family, destructionist, and neo-Marxist. Radical feminists are unforgiving women who are like the modern day Medeas, who will sacrifice their offspring to satisfy their need for revenge against unfaithful men.

Feminists, who are servants of the Illuminati, seek to dictate thought and expression, violate the First Amendment, invade schools and business, hijack Web networks, and censor those who oppose their teachings. They seek to overrun the Internet with their message and agenda as they do with the rest of the media, and they can only do that by going after MRA's freedom of speech. The words "sexist" and "misogynist" are political swear words that feminist uses when they encounter something that is politically incorrect according to their false, intolerant standards and those of their mentors. Angry feminists, like those at FinalFantasyForums.net, must give up their hypersensitivity and begin to regard thoughts and expressions with benevolent intentions as rhetorical vehicles and works of art, not excuses to promote censorship under the guise of female rights. If these trends continue, any expression that is against feminist ideology will be censored out by the ubiquitous feminist network, and anything that smacks of masculinity or male interests will be vituperated or made verboten. Therefore, these trends in censorship must be abolished immediately.

The moral of this post is: You must not put gender equality ahead of freedom of speech.


Alison said...

"I may want to get even with Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison."

Are you threatening me? I hope not.

Tedius Zanarukando said...

You may have won the battle, but the war is not over yet.

Alison said...

There is no "battle", Tedius. Just you being a bigot. I guess this is the second site you've been banned from for the same behaviour. Oh well, I guess we must be all wrong, so.

Anyways - gotta go. I've stuff to do. Goodbye.

T said...

Hey I have an idea how about you get laid and quit bitching about how mean the evil girls are. Problem solved.

Alison said...

You also seem to be mistaken about one thing. You somehow believe that I and others are attempting to silence you and stop you from getting .. umm, your "message" ... out.

On the contrary; I'm delighted to see you now have a blog where you can expound away to your heart's content. My job was to stop you from disrupting Wikipedia and from causing problems for other editors. That job is done now.

Alison said...

"Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison were brought up that way. They are both evil feminist extremists."

You're hilarious!! :-D

Tedius Zanarukando said...

That blocking from Wikipedia was not the result of the truth. It is the result of the feminist lie. Those who may have been offended by my userpage content was deceived by the feminist lie and their false upbringing. You (Alison), Krimpet, and Legotect have been deceived by y'all's upbringings. I know all about the truth of American culture.

derpatron said...

everything you have put in this entry is WRONG

you know nothing about the truth of american culture. all you do is sit on your computer all day starting flame wars with your disgusting beliefs and playing final fantasy, maybe taking a break for your minimum wage walgreen's job

why don't you learn some TOLERANCE. all I hear is wah wah wah it's all about me, tedius zanarukando, everything I say is right and you are all WRONG look at me I'm a martyr because I was blocked for wikipedia for being an insensitive prick

here's some advice: stop. just stop.

Tedius Zanarukando said...

No, what I say on this blog is TRUE. You are a liar, derpatron. I have to do this political agenda, and the future of America will benefit from it. My beliefs may seem offensive to many, but they are most likely true. I have studied about American culture on the Internet for at least four and a half years. American culture has errors in it, and it must be corrected.

derpatron said...

studying shit on the internet doesn't make up for the complete lack of human contact you have

in other words FAAAAAAAAAAAIL

no one reads this blog except for trolls, like me, and good hearted people, like alison


Tedius Zanarukando said...

No, derparton, you are evil-hearted! Alison is also evil-hearted, and so are Krimpet and Legotech. They were deceived by the feminist lie and their false upbrinings. I am the one who is good-hearted, not them or you. I am NOT a troll. I am an unlikely political hero. American culture is corrupt and must be corrected. My ideas are beneficial, not retarded or disgusting. I have good human contact both on and off the job.

Mike Halterman said...

Oh, my God, go on Sally Jessy Raphael or something, because this shit is clearly for lulz.

If not, go to a shrink, or get some sex or something. Are men less evil? Maybe you can bat for that team.