Saturday, January 26, 2008

Political correctness at Wikipedia

Recently, political correctness knocked on my door at Wikipedia. Wikipedians by the usernames of Krimpet, Legotech, and Alison have forced political correctness on my userpage. Political correctness has gone too far. They have enforced political correctness my userpage. The antifeminist userbox was deleted by Krimpet with the intent to force the feminist rhetoric on me. As the debate went on, they claim that my political agenda is sexist, but my political agenda is beneficial. I am aware that these feminist nuts are throwing obstacles against my progress on conducting my political agenda.

They claim that it is my fault, but it is actually their fault. They are only making excuses to get in my way of doing my political agenda. The people who claimed to be offended by my userpage were indoctrinated to be so.

Feminism is going out of hand, and the abuse of feminism must be addressed. Everyday, antifeminists are being persecuted online, suffering feminist censorship. Political correctness is getting in my way of fulfilling my political agenda, which must be done. It is divisive and as obstructive as censorship against advocation of nudism. It alienates likeminded people from many others.

This is NOT Wikipedia. This blog is not affiliated with Wikipedia in any way. Action should not be taken against me at Wikipedia for something I do at this blog. At this blog, you can things that are not allowed at Wikipedia.


Alison said...

Tedius, the problem here is actually yours, not some nebulous "butch feminists". You refuse to work in co-operation with the rest of the community, you blatantly flout the rules of Wikipedia (whatever about the abject offensiveness of your views). An unapologetic racist would have been blocked indef long before now, and I view you as little different; you both hate based on arbitrary genetic characteristics.

In short; we're filing the RfC on your behaviour tonight. The community can take it from there and decide accordingly.

-- User:Alison

Tedius Zanarukando said...

This is NOT Wikipedia. I have already complied with the rules at Wikipedia. You cannot take action at Wikipedia for something I do not do there. This is Tedius Zanarukando's Blog. The RfC should only involve what one does at Wikipedia, not what one does at this blog. This blog is not in any way affiliated with Wikipedia. It is affiliated with Tedius Zanarukando's Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem Alliance (

Alison said...

I can say what I like on here, as I've right to reply having been mentioned by name on your blog. Such is the way.

Please note that you have been indefinitely blocked on Wikipedia due to 1) your persistent attacks on other people, 2) your constant flouting of rules, and 3) your utter disrespect towards your fellow-editors. It's been clear for some time that you're not there to work on a collaborative encyclopedia but to expound your rather obnoxious and hate-filled "doctrine"

Tedius Zanarukando said...

I apologize for trying to expound my views toward Wikipedia. If you unblock me now, I will start with a fresh new userpage. I will not in any way expound my views there. If I were to expound my views, I will expound them at this blog. This is blog is not affiliated with Wikipedia. Please reconsider.

Alison said...

Tedius, I suggest you make that known in your unblock request.

Unfortunately, the Wikipedia community largely lost its patience with you and your misogyny. Wikipedia is not a social networking site; we're trying to build an encyclopedia. Hating 50% of the population and letting it be widely known as often as possible is not conducive to collaborative work.