Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why I do not believe in romantic love

I have written off romantic love due to two bad experiences. I had a bad experience with the female sex in high school and at South Carolina Vcational Rehabilitation Center. The second one was more hostile than the first one. I am also aware of the lies and horrors of feminist ideology and the current U.S. female fashion industry, which I would address in later entries of this blog. I would be a more responsible man if I had a wife. I do not want to have to pay alimony to my future ex-wife. I do not want to take chances. As I have heard, many people want me to give romantic love a third chance, but I have honestly said no. I feel that romantic love is an endurance rather than an enjoyment. Too many women have been manipulating their husbands or leading them to prison. I do not want to take that risk. Because of feminism, there have been too many women unfit for marriage. I would most likely be a bad father. If I my first child is a girl, I will give her away for adoption. Romantic love is more dangerous for men than for women.

Another issue deterring me from romantic love is the feminist view of domestic violence as well as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). I fear false accusation of domestic violence. Society teaches that respect and domestic violence are a one-way street, but in reality, they are a two-way street. That means that society teaches that boys must respect girls and that girls do not have to respect boys. The O.J. Simpson case reinforces the myth that domestic violence is a one-way street. However, West Virginia is countering the domestic violence myth and touts that domestic violence is not a gender issue. The media claims that men are responsible for 97% of domestic violence incidents, but that figure is both one-sided and exaggerated. The correct figure is that women are just as likely as men to commit domestic violence. The media claims that 13% of teenage girls who have been in a heterosexual relationship claim that they were hit or hurt by their partners, but that figure is also one-sided and exaggerated. The correct figure is that 8.9% for teenage boys and 8.8% for teenage girls. The media claims that 25% of teenage girls have been in heterosexual relationships in which they were pressured into having sexual relations by their partner. According to the CDC, that statement is false, for the correct figures are 11.9% of teenage girls and 6.1% of teenage boys.

The domestic violence has been distorted and politicized by gender wars and the mainstream media. Believing what the feminists and the media say about domestic violence is like believing what tobacco companies say about cancer. This misconception of the domestic violence is so pervasive that the local governments, the courts, law enforcement, mental health clinics, and other government agencies now fund domestic violence programs based on feminist propaganda rather than responsible scientific research.

Gender politics must be separated from the domestic violence issue. Domestic violence is a family issue, not a gender issue. We must look at the full spectrum of the domestic violence issue, not just half of it. We must consult sound scientific research before making policy decisions. We must face the fact that women are just as violent as men. VAWA is one-sided, costly, unconstitutional, and bad for children. Not only that, but also anything contrary to the Tedius Zanarukando Doctrine is bad for children. 80% of domestic violence claims made by women are evidently false. Congress is unaware of male victims of domestic violence and ignores the needs of abusive women. Calls from women made to law enforcement and domestic violence services are uttered mainly by women who actively attack their male partners not by women in need of refuge. The domestic violence statistics presented by the media actually reflect mainly the amount of female violence targeted against men.

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ms-poptart said...

"If my first child is a girl, I will mostly likely give her away for adoption."

I've read your blog a bit, and as far as I know, you are against Chinese govt, no? Well guess what? They used to abort female babies in the past. Yeah. So that statement you made is not only sexist, but contradictory to what you proclaim is right. You're a joke. And I'm not the only one who knows so.