Friday, December 5, 2008

TZ Doctrine tenet #11: No more female superiority or institutionalized misandry

Feminists claim they are for gender equality, but in reality (as their actions clearly show), they are for female superiority. The equality they are asserting is equality of outcome, not equality of rights. Equality of outcome usually means reverse discrimination. The sex discrimination laws are not about gender equality. They are about female superiority. Female superiority, or female privilege, is defined as preferential treatment for women and the belief that women are superior to men, and discrimination based on that belief. I certainly condemn female superiority and anti-male double standards. By means of deception and dishonesty, feminists seek special privileges for women, produce misandric propaganda, induce misandristic double standards, and push for misandric legislation. Our society teaches that discrimination against men is acceptable but that discrimination against women is not. This is a misandristic double standard, and it is characteristic of the "affirmation action" issue. That is one-sided and evil, and that is what feminism is. Feminism is going for female superiority under the guise of gender equality. By design, men are the disadvantaged sex today, not women. The male sex has been shortchanged in health, in education, in matters of childcare, and in criminal justice. There have been anti-male double standards in infidelity, domestic violence, belief systems, and the media. Men are discriminated against by design through what feminists call "affirmative action." We masculists call it mandated/legislated bias against men, or institutionalized misandry. Women need families, not so-called "Equal Protection." Feminists publicly detest fatherhood.  Women deserve equal opportunity, not equal outcome.  Therefore, institutionalized misandry is a human rights issue in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia.  This is worse in Australia than in the United States.  The female sex did not earn privilege through achievements, a vision, and intrinisic merit, it acquired privilege through deception and dishonesty. 

The education system put and have always put a great effort into encouraging students from lower demographic groups and from different races. However, the only area the education system has shied away from is none other than gender balance. That is because people believe that female superiority is politically correct. Academic statistics indicate that the male sex is the disadvantaged sex in education. Male students have been shortchanged in these education systems from primary school to college, because of feminist ideology. By design, female students achieve higher in school than their male counterparts from primary school to college.  According to feminists, the underachievement of male students indicates a reversal in the gender gap in education, and as a result about 60% of college students are female. Solving the original "problem" created a new problem in the process. Women closed the original gender gap in education due to social pressure to attend college rather than because it fits their path in life. When female students achieve higher than male students, feminists attribute this to the alleged superior ability to communicate, thus calling it "victory." When vice versa, feminist attribute this to systematic discrimination that must be remedied, or "something to be corrected." When female students do better, there are celebrations everywhere, but when male students do better, someone wants to somehow aid the female students to do better.  That is institutionalized misandry, and that is the dark side of feminism, and that makes feminism a hate movement. Discrimination against boys is the low road and will not improve girls' intellectual status. The feminization of the classroom is another thing. Boys thrive in competition: Every boy who has played sports and lost the game knows how "good game" rings hollow, even they played their best. However, schools now have social promotion, that no one fails. Because of that, boys have lost interest in education. The current academic arrangement favors female students, because it practices theoretical learning rather than visual or kinesthetic learning. Female students get preferential treatment from teachers or professors. This gender gap in education is being obscured and ignored by the government and the media. I have had enough of the same failed and anti-male biased education system. We must take action to reverse this trend in education. Feminists have hijacked the American and British education systems. These current education systems produce the world's worst students at one of the highest education costs on Earth. Feminists love to see female students do better in the academic world than male students because the vast majority of women would prefer to marry men who did better better in the academic world than themselves, for the main purpose of feminism is to break up families. By ensuring that female students out-achieve male students in the academic world, feminists can be assured that millions of potentially long-term relationships between men and women can be terminated before they could even start. This situation must end. 

This may sound "sexist" by feminist dictates but it is true:  It is more important to help boys succeed in the academic playing field than to help girls do so.  This is because feminism is a false and evil ideology, and women prefer men who did better academically than themselves. Thus feminism only serves to promote couple break up.  I do not condone any law or ideology that promotes couple breakup.  Better results for female students, which can only be staged through feminism, leads to family breakup in the future, and ultimately a dark future for America and Great Britain, because female privilege is rank hypocrisy, and thus inherently divisive.  The female sex acquired advantage in education through deception, dishonesty, and political correctness, while the male sex would earn advantage in education through innate positive male attribute.  Therefore, the female sex has cheated in the academic playing field by means of feminist dogma.  This must end now, and that will happen one day.  I dream that one day, the education system will be corrected so that neither gender will have a clear advantage over the other.  I have a dream that one day, boys and girls will be educated equally.

Criminal justice

Women must be held as accountable as men. Men are being held accountable for their actions, but women are to be treated as superior citizens who are entitled to privileges and benefits solely for the sake of their gender. Women are treated like spoiled babies, pampered constantly regarding their wishes, with the justice system being completely corrupted and debased to help them succeed with their false and selfish claims with no merit. The American justice system is anti-male biased by design. By design, due to feminist jurisprudence, men are more likely to be accused of a crime and be incarcerated or executed. Men are murdered four times as much as women. Men committ suicide five times as often as women. American men are accused of rape 135 times as much as Greek men and 231 times as much as Japanese men. 33% of American men convicted of rape do not match the DNA found at the actually crime scenes. Juries acquit women five times as often as they acquit men. Once they are convicted of a crime, men are 16% more likely to be incarcerated than women. Once incarcerated, men receive harsher punishment than women for the exact same crime at exact same degree. When women kill their partners and children, they are mostly not held accountable. When there is domestic violence in the home, women are not held accountable.

An increase in female judges means higher male incarceration rate, higher homicide rate, and higher rate of false accusations of domestic violence. Before women entered the law field, America had murder and incarceration rates lower than Canada, Denmark, France, Spain, and Portugal, and the same rates as Germany and Australia. Since women entered the law field, the incarceration and illegitimacy rates increased by 400%. The rates of murder, male suicide, and divorce rates increased by 200%. 20,000 laws afoul of the Second Amendment were implemented. Every principle of the United States Constitution has been violated. The Nineteenth Amendment caused this to happen.

If women achieve equality in justice, there would be many more American women than men in prison. The exact same corrupt justice system that is prosecuting men for "discriminating against women" is practicing this heinous act of discrimination against men. This low-road justice system must be replaced with a new, male-friendly justice system immediately. Here is the graph that will you tell you why.


In this day and age, absolutely all feminist initiatives about giving women rights over men and men responsibility over women; that is utter politically correct nonsense. We have employment equity for traditionally male jobs but none for traditionally female jobs.  We must say "Yes" to equality for both genders and "No" to privilege for either gender.

The notion that the American or British woman is a powerless 'victim' is one of the most deceptive notions ever hammered into people's minds, and that is an anti-male double standard. American and British women live, on average, seven years longer than men. They control 86% of all personal wealth, constitute 55% of college graduates, and cast 54% of votes in U.S. Presidential elections. Women are the victim of only 35% of violent crimes and 25% of homicides, and yet because of American and British society's exaggerated concern and respect for women, special legislation was enacted in 1994 to crack down on 'violence against women' as if it were more heinous than 'violence against men'. Such legislation is another anti-male double standard. Two thirds of all money spent on medical care is spent on female health. Women receive far more medical care than men, when it is really men who are disadvantaged in medical care.

The face of feminism has changed beyond recognition.  It has degenerated from liberalism to political correctness and from a demand for gender equality to a cry for female privilege.  Feminists sincerely believe that they seek gender equality, but by their actions, they are actually seeking female superiority, which is defined as preferential treatment for women. What "equality" means to them is preferential treatment. It is to regress women into the state of childhood, which is rights without responsibilities and consumption without production. Feminists use deception and shame to get their way in society. Deception in this case comes in the form of distorted and fraudulent statistics (such as studies indicating that most domestic violence is perpetrated by men and that women are the innocent victims but ignores the fact that women initiate the most domestic violence and are just as domestically violent as men, and studies indicating that women continue to earn less wages than men but ignores the differences in hours worked, years of experience, overtime, and credentials).

We must recognize the truth about the social system we live in. It is like recognizing the truth about our families. Female superiority and empowerment are a hoax. Feminism, female superiority, and female empowerment have very many facts stacked up against them. Only a subverted nation empowers its female population at the expense of its male population. Female empowerment leads to breakdown of heterosexual relationship and family. It is the healthy and natural instinct for the vast majority of young women to get married and bear children in order to perpetuate society. It is unwise to encourage young women to pursue high-powered careers before establishing families. Doing so does them and society an intentional injustice. A woman married to a powerful man is a match made in heaven, but a man in love with a powerful woman is a match made in hell.

Anti-male double standards are also conducted in complaints on the media. FHM magazine is considered sexist for having female models in their pants, while Cosmopolitan magazine has male models in their pants and is considered fine. That mentality is an an anti-male double standard, which is a form of female superiority, and politically correct nonsense. That complaining practice must end. There is also a double standard between video games and other media forms. Sex and certain image portrayal are condoned in movies and television, but are frowned upon in video games. That is a classic example of a double standard between video games and other media. Video games are meant to be enjoyed for the reasons they were developed, and they do not need to please the extreme left and right and churn politically correct nonsense from every pixel and polygon to have it accepted by society. I do not condone anti-male double standards or double standards between video games and other media forms, and neither should you.

The war against feminism is unavoidable. One day, this evil in our culture will become a thing of the past. I have a dream that one day, there will be no more female students designedly outperforming male students in the academic world, thus no more couple breakup. We must take action to end politically correct nonsense.  I have a dream that one day boys and girls will score equally in the academic playing field.  I have a dream that one day men and women will be held equally accountable for their actions.  I have a dream that one day socially constructed female privilege will be a relic of the past.


amanes said...

Sory for my English.Devil is here with a new name.Feminists are the greatests criminals ever walk on this planet.Men worldwide need a strong movemend or feminism will destroy our sivilytation.We must start fighting against those demons.Masculanity is the only good thing in humans soul.There is a big lie in woman s heart.

Tedius Zanarukando said...

This is what this blog is mainly about. Feminists are my worst enemies. They are like demons as you said. They have committed crimes against humanity. Patriarchy is analogous to democracy, and matriarchy is analogous to tyranny. This blog is to promote my political agenda against the destructive social movements. All the feminists' claims have been exposed as a lie. We are masculists, and not all women are feminists. Several women support masculism.

Tedius Zanarukando said...

Thank you for the kind compliments. I have received enough feminist hate mail from wolf fella.