Sunday, December 28, 2008

TZ doctrine tenet #16: You must not feed the dragon

The "dragon" is the nickname for the People's Republic of China, the country I hate the most. The People's Republic of China is the most oppressive and pollutive country in the world. The country is the worst human rights abuser in the world. The Chinese police act and have always acted against their own people as well as the Tibetans. They have committed crimes against humanity, including false legislation, illegal incarcerations, and executions.

The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic games is 100% propaganda and is similar to the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympic games. The Chinese Communist Party is analogous to the National Socialist Workers (Nazi) Party of Germany.

The People's Republic of China is known for its absolute intolerance for political dissent, just like Nazi Germany. Political dissidents and Falun Gong practitioners are treated like criminals. The Chinese Communist party routinely arrests and incarcerates them, usually for long periods of time and without trial. Among them, there are wide reports of brutal torture, forced confessions, and forced labor. Freedom of assembly and association is severely limited.

I detest the Chinese Communist Party for the following reasons:

  • Legislation based on false claims and allegations
  • Cracking down on political dissent
  • Cracking down on beneficial or therapeutic lifestyles (such as Falun Gong)
  • Censoring access to information needed for political dissent
  • Imposing capital punishment for minor offenses
  • Imposing capital punishment on children
  • False executions
  • Exporting dangerous goods to Western countries
  • Willfulling orphaning children
  • Willfulling taking adult children away from parents

More people are executed in the People's Republic of China than the rest of the world combined. The People's Republic of China imposes the death penalty for the most crimes of any country on planet Earth, including several crimes that would be punished as misdemeanors if they were committed in the United States or Great Britain. Official statistics claim that 470 people are executed in 2007, but the real figure is as high as 10,000.

Children of the executed are cursed and ignored by the communities, and they are abused or enslaved in child labor. They often lose both of their parents in execution. Children who are orphaned by execution never get good jobs or attend college. The government has executed their parents behind children's backs.

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